The 5 Types of Leather

The term "leather" is broad and used to describe many different types of leather, some of which aren’t genuine leather at all.

Generally speaking, leather is divided into five different types (or grades): Top-grain leather, full-grain leather, split-grain leather, genuine leather and bonded leather. Here's what you should know about the different types of leather.

The 5 Types of Leather

The different types of leather are used to describe not just the quality of the leather, but how the leather is treated. When caring for your leather, it's important to know what type it is so you can make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather is considered the highest quality, and is left in the most natural state: It is not split at all, and consists of the entire top layer of the leather. It is durable, and maintains many of the natural characteristics and inconsistencies of the leather.

Top-grain leather

Top-grain leather is also the top layer of the leather, but it has been sanded or otherwise treated to create a smooth, nearly perfect finish and texture. Because of that, it is slightly less durable than full-grain leather, and also less expensive. Many leather items are made out of top-grain leather because it is thinner than full-grain leather. That means top-grain leather easier to work with.

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Split-grain leather

Split-grain leather is the bottom layer of the leather, and is often suede. It has the top layer of the leather removed, and is generally thin and flexible. It should be treated carefully, as suede can be damaged if exposed to moisture. If you are cleaning suede, be sure to use Leather Honey Suede & Nubuck Cleaner. It is specifically formulated for softer leathers like suede and nubuck. 

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is a catch-all phrase to refer to all types of real leather, but it is also used to refer to the bottom layer of leather that is processed to be thin and smooth. Top-grain, full-grain and split-grain leather are higher quality than genuine leather. 

Bonded leather

Bonded leather is a man-made material that is a mix of genuine leather scraps and faux leather like polyurethane. It is often called "faux leather" and contains very little real leather, which means it cannot absorb a leather conditioner. Bonded leather is known to break, crack and peel over time, and it not high-quality or long-lasting. It is a very inexpensive form of leather, however, and is often used to make affordable furniture. 

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What is the difference in leather types?

The major differences in the leather types come down to how they are treated from the animal hide, price, quality and longevity. Full-grain leather is going to cost the most but will last the longest;items made with full-grain leather can often be passed down from generation to generation. Following that, top-grain is the highest quality.

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More to Know About Types of Leather

Some common questions people have about the types of leather.

What are the five types of leather?

The five types (or grades) of leather are full-grain, top-grain, genuine and bonded leather.

What is the highest quality leather?

The highest quality leather is called full grain leather. It is durable and looks great.

How many types of leather are there?

Just like with the grades of leather, there are five types of leather: full-grain, top-grain, genuine and bonded.


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