Suede & Nubuck Cleaner

Our premium foaming suede cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning suede shoes, boots, jackets and other apparel, as well as any other suede or nubuck leather item.

The gentle yet effective cleaning solution quickly and easily wipes away stains, dirt and grime, while maintaining the soft, delicate texture of the suede or nubuck leather. This powerful multi-purpose cleaner can also be used on smooth leather, faux and vegan leather, sheepskin, rubber, canvas and vinyl. 

As always, Leather Honey’s clean, non-toxic formula is made in the USA and safe for you, your pets and your leather. Like our other products, our nubuck and suede cleaner does not contain PFOA forever chemicals or animal products. Our non-toxic, carefully crafted formula makes this the best suede cleaner to keep your suede and nubuck looking like new.

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#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

Non-toxic and safe.

Gentle yet
powerful cleaning.

Specially formulated for suede and nubuck.

Using our suede & nubuck cleaner

  1. Remove surface dirt from suede with a soft brush. 
  2. Always test in a discreet area first and follow specific manufacturer care instructions for your leather item. Apply cleaner to a clean, dry cloth — not directly to the item. Wipe the entire surface in circular motions (no spot cleaning). 
  3. Use a clean cloth to remove excess cleaner and dirt.  
  4. Allow to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight. Once dry, fluff nap with a clean, soft brush. 

Frequently asked questions about our suede cleaner

  1. What suede items can I clean? You can clean any suede or nubuck item with our suede cleaner — common uses include cleaning suede boots, suede jackets and suede shoes, but it is safe for use on any suede or nubuck item. The cleaner can also be used to clean smooth leather, as well as faux leather and other materials such as plastic and rubber. This multi-purpose formula is a great value. 
  2. Will the suede cleaner change the texture of my leather? No, our suede cleaner is specially formulated for suede, which means it maintains the soft, velvety texture of your leather once dry. For best results, we recommend using a suede brush after cleaning to fluff the nap of the leather if necessary. 
  3. What should I use to apply the suede cleaner? We recommend applying the suede cleaner to a clean, dry cloth, rather than directly onto your leather. Once the cloth is moistened with the suede cleaner, you can gently wipe down the suede or nubuck item to remove surface dirt and stains. 


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