A lot of sports equipment is made from genuine leather, including leather baseball gloves, footballs, hockey gloves and leather cleats. This leather equipment gets dirty and worn with use, and proper care can extend the life and make the leather more flexible, which could improve your performance on the field. 


Leather sports equipment should be cleaned regularly, depending on how often you use it — items used several times a week would benefit from a weekly cleaning; items used less frequently can go longer between cleanings. Generally, we recommend conditioning all leather every six months or so, which may be at the beginning or end of your season. This advice applies to all items, including leather baseball gloves and leather balls. 


Cleaning is the first step of protection when it comes to leather baseball gloves or other leather sports equipment. The process for cleaning leather is relatively simple using Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. 

Start by gently dusting off your leather to remove loose dirt or dust. This is especially important with sports equipment, which often gets dusty and dirty from the field. Then spray the leather cleaner onto the leather and gently wipe the leather item down using a lint-free cloth. Alternatively, you can dip a cloth in the cleaner and use the cleaner-moistened cloth to rub down the leather and remove dirt and stains. Rub the leather in circular motions. Don't scrub too hard, but you may need to add some extra elbow grease to areas that appear stained. Once clean, let the leather dry naturally. Keep in mind, you may need to clean both sides of the leather in some cases — for example, the inside of a leather baseball glove can get pretty grimy.

Using Leather Honey leather cleaner to get the dirt, grit, and debris off of your leather baseball glove will make conditioning even better.


As soon as the leather is dry, begin the leather conditioning process. Dry leather will crack and eventually begin to fade. Therefore following a good cleaning with a good conditioning is a very important step while caring for your leather sports equipment. Again, in most cases, you do not need to condition after every cleaning — conditioning your leather baseball glove or other sports gear twice a year is generally enough.

Use Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to condition the leather after it has dried, applying a thin, even coat by putting the conditioner on a lint-free cloth and gently wiping onto the leather. Our leather conditioner is a non-toxic, water-repellent formula that replenishes the leather so it looks as good as new. Always let the conditioner dry naturally as well. Applying the leather conditioner should only a few minutes on small leather items like baseball gloves or balls, and we recommend allowing the conditioner to dry for a minimum of two hours. 

Leather Honey leather conditioner is great for softening your favorite baseball glove and conditioning your golf glove, too. It's non-toxic, making it the best leather sports equipment conditioner.

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