How to Care For your Leather Tack

There is much more to riding horses than the actual leisure. Horseback riding, whether it is done as a hobby or as a profession, is a lot of work. Taking care of the horse and barn is extremely time consuming and expensive. Cleaning horse tack needs to happen on a regular basis as well.

Fortunately cleaning horse tack is a relatively simple process and is very affordable.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner for Tack

Before the cleaning begins, the non-leather parts of the saddle should be removed. The irons can soak in a bucket of soap and warm water. Leather stirrups can be cleaned the same way that the saddle is cleaned, just separately.

Gently dust off any loose dirt from the saddle with a dry rag. Using a different, clean rag, follow the directions on a leather cleaner to apply the cleaner to your saddle or tack. It is important not to soak the saddle with suds. Gently rub the cleaner in circular motions all over the saddle.

Use the rag on both the back and the front of the saddle, as dirt and sweat often penetrates off of the horse onto the bottom of the saddle. Cleaning is not just about improving the saddle’s appearance. It is also done to prevent the leather from drying out, cracking and losing its flexibility. Therefore make sure you get every inch of the saddle, not just the top.

Once the saddle has been scrubbed (gently) with the cleaner, allow it to air dry before applying Leather Honey . Leather Honey will restore moisture lost during cleaning. Our product is designed to  seep into the pores of the leather and replenish the leather’s natural oils that have evaporated over time.  

How often a saddle is used will determine how regularly it will need to be cleaned and conditioned. It is also helpful to wipe down the saddle with a dry rag after every use so that dirt and dust do not sit on the leather overnight and penetrate into the pores. Dry leather is dangerous leather. Horseback riders must take every step of precaution to ensure a safe ride. On top of safety reasons, regular cleans and conditions will help keep the saddle looking new even after years of use.  


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