Leather car seats add significant value to your car, but only if you take care of them. While it's true an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the reality is that car interiors do get dirty.

A good rule of thumb is to clean your car's interior as often as you wash the outside of your car to maintain the leather long-term; in between, be sure to quickly remove any stains or potential stains.

Unlike an exterior car wash, you do not need a hose, bucket and loads of soap for cleaning your leather car seats. Cleaning leather is a very simple process and the little time you spend on it really goes a long way in terms of retaining the sleek appearance of your car’s interior. Here's a guide to cleaning leather car seats.

How to clean leather car seats

1. Vacuum dirt and debris

Leather car seats are great because liquids have a tough time penetrating the surface. However, dirt and debris can scratch and build up on the leather, so the first step to cleaning your leather car seats is to vacuum. Use a smaller vacuum nozzle to suck up any dirt, hair or crumbs that have lodged into the cracks of the seats. Once all of the dirt is gone, it's time to bust out your leather cleaner.

2. Apply your leather cleaner

You can make your own leather cleaner, but popular DIY versions like vinegar or toothpaste can damage sensitive leather and make your problem worse. Instead, use a professionally developed leather cleaner, like Leather Honey leather cleaner. Our product is a gentle formula, but we suggest doing a spot test with it before cleaning your leather car seats. Choose a small and inconspicuous area to make sure the seats don't react negatively. If the spot test goes well, apply the cleaner using a lint-free cloth. Remember: When cleaning your leather, a little product and water goes a long way. Be sure not to oversaturate the leather with cleaner.

3. Gently wipe down your seats

Once the cleaner is applied to your leather car seats, use your lint-free cloth to remove any excess cleaner or remaining debris off the surface. Concentrate on heavily soiled areas, but you do not need to scrub or rub — the dirt should easily lift off the leather. Our product is frequently used on leather car seats, but it is also suitable for use on faux leather, vinyl, leatherette, plastic and rubber, which means you can use the cleaner on your entire car interior.

4. Allow the leather to dry completely

It's vital that you allow your clean leather car seats to dry completely. Leave your windows open while the leather dries to ensure proper airflow. This will allow the leather to dry quickly and prevent any mildew or smells that might occur from a lack of air and a damp car.

5. Apply leather conditioner after cleaning

You can help restore your leather car seats by adding a leather conditioner. Leather Honey leather conditioner is non-toxic. Apply a quarter-size drop with a dry lint-free cloth. Completely coat the leather in a thin, even layer and allow it to dry for at least two hours (preferably overnight). Once your leather car seats are dry, gently buff them with a lint-free cloth to remove any excess conditioner.

Tips for cleaning leather car seats

  • Take your time. Work slowly and in small sections to avoid any leather discoloration.
  • Go lint-free. We stress using a soft lint-free cloth to clean your leather car seats because they won't scratch the leather. If you use an abrasive cloth, tiny scratches could ruin your leather over time.
  • Use less. You don't have to saturate your leather car seats to clean them. Use a small amount of leather cleaner and avoid using too much water.
  • Get regular. If you want the cleanest leather car seats possible, consider wiping them down about once per month, even if no major clean-up seems necessary.

Cleaning leather car seats helps remove the debris, dirt, and oils that can ruin the overall look of your leather car seats. Leather Honey is gentle and non-toxic, making it a perfect leather car seat cleaner.

Keep your leather car seats looking new and feeling soft with Leather Honey leather car seat cleaner! A little goes a long way to keep your leather soft while renewing the car seat leather at the same time.

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What Our Customers Say

I bought a 2001 BMW with a leather interior and the seat edges were very hard and beginning to crack. After liberally applying your product to them the result is amazing: the seats are soft, the cracks have more or less disappeared and the leather’s black color looks new.”

Thanks for making a good product that does what your ad claims at a reasonable price. It’s a rare find! Leather Honey did wonders for the original seat upholstery on our antique buggy. It saved me from having it redone…”

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