Unsolicited Testimonials

Unsolicited Testimonials

The most gratifying part of running this business over the past 25 years has been an unsolicited outpouring of positive feedback from our loyal customers. Every letter and email is read and enjoyed by the Leather Honey family, and we are proud to share some of them with you. If you have your own story, or simply wish to make a comment or a suggestion, please use our Testimonial Submission page.


"I used the Leather Honey Conditioner on a worn leather auto interior. It was the finest product I've ever used and I've tried everything I could get my hands on. I love this stuff and will be buying more!"

~ Jerry S.

We tried and tested many different products on our leather handbags before they go out to customers to make sure they look tip top. Leather Honey is by far our favourite and we recommend it to every single last one of our customers every time they buy from us. From a company that relies on quality looking leather products, we wouldn't recommend anyone else."

~ Jack Amilu, www.amilu.co.uk

We are completely amazed at how well the Leather Honey works. We just inherited a Lane aniline leather sofa and love seat from a family member. They were in great condition except for the unsightly faded leather. I had considered purchasing a leather dye kit but the prices were very high so I decided to try the Leather Honey first. We were blown away at the results, the leather was faded so badly I honestly thought there was no way to restore this without professional help and that the Leather Honey would be wasted money, but I decided to give it a try. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of before and after pictures with only one treatment. It’s amazing! We are beyond pleased and more than satisfied. Thanks for your help and attentive customer service. The products I ordered were delivered only three days after my order was placed."

~ Ken Weaver

I am a big supporter of small family businesses, and this just confirms my choice! I found the website through Google; I was searching for "how to take care of leather" and your site was one of the top results. I went to several other sites and discussion groups, but what made me choose Leather Honey was the extensive list of testimonials and "before" and "after" pictures. I have a huge amount of leather goods, ranging from sneakers to purses to dance club outfits. Not only did Leather Honey restore the luster and flexibility of my older leather pieces, it also made my new pieces softer and more comfortable to wear. Thank for this amazing product; you can be sure that I'm telling all my friends!"

~ Rachel

I bought a 2001 BMW with a leather interior and the seat edges were very hard and beginning to crack. After liberally applying your product to them the result is amazing the seats are soft the cracks have more of less disappeared and the leathers black color looks new. You said somewhere on the web site the ingredients were a family secret, well keep it that way so no one makes a cheap knockoff of your product. I will find other uses for Leather Honey and will tell every one how good it is. Thank you and good luck with your website."

~ Denis Beyer

These are the before and after pictures with Leather Honey on my 8 year old leather sectional. I have 3 dogs and 2 kids who love this couch and the seats are badly scratched. The second cushion is less damaged by the dogs (they like the corner for some reason) so that is where you can really see what the Leather Honey did. The difference after the leather honey is remarkable. The back cushions also look much better, but it doesn't show in these pictures. The first two pictures are the "before" and the second 2 the "after".... It is a great product..."

~ Patricia McGuire

I was raised with harnesses, saddles, knife sheaths, leather shoes, leather coats so on so forth. I was taught many of the old ways. Well over 30 years ago I tried Leather Honey, and still to this very day I only use Leather Honey. My saddle was over 30 years old when I got it. I used beef tallow the first few years, now I have used Leather Honey on it for over 30 years, not one dry crack, not one rip, leather is AS SUPPLE AS EVER!

Over, 15 years ago I had a custom saddle built for me the old saddle master was retiring, he hand made the tree, rawhided the tree, hand cut the heaviest American leather, hand tooled the saddle, hard set, 11-inch swell. High back, full QH bars, 9'2" herman oakes reins, one ear head stall stainless low port bits, matching breast straps and back cinch, NOTHING but Leather Honey since I got it.

Got me a team of work mules and a team set of work harnesses, again Leather Honey. My concealed carry holsters, Leather Honey, my shoulder holsters, Leather Honey, my cowboy fast draw holster, belt sets all have Leather Honey on them. When I pass it, my kin will use Leather Honey, then all my leather will outlast them. My mom now uses Leather Honey on her leather recliners, love set, and couch, all of which is all Leather Honey. I do not know these Leather Honey family, but my leather and I owe them a great debt. Thank you Leather Honey family, and your customer service is as STELLAR as your Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.

~ Richie

I applied Leather Honey to my Brooks leather jacket which was purchased in 1991. Never been treated and I applied one coat which made it look almost new again. I may have to apply more in certain weathered areas but the product really made a difference. Wait till I show my riding friends."

~ Andy

I love the Leather Honey! My leather couch is about 8 years old, and I had given up on the creams that I had been given by the furniture store, so it was fairly dry. The Leather Honey has made the leather soft again, and with a couple more coats it should be almost as good as new. Great Product! and I will definitely let others know about your product."

~ Nan Zetzman

We live in the Mojave Desert and our leather furniture is really suffering from the lack of moisture. I have tried no less than 10 products and have found myself disappointed with each of them. I used Leather Honey on my couch and was amazed! My couch looked much better immediately and still looks great several days later. There is no better leather conditioner on the market. Thank you for a great product!"

~ Shannon Chalfont, Ft. Irwin CA


I used Leather Honey on my expensive leather Irvin jacket, which is a copy of the fleece-lined coat worn by British Royal Air Force pilots in World War II. The jacket,though unworn, was dry from storage. Your concoction brought it back to life. I particularly like the fact that after treatment there was no sticky or oily residue. I'm going to try it on some of my antique military cartridge boxes and sword and bayonet scabbards next."

~ Garry

I received my Leather Honey yesterday and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more as it was just as decribed. I had just bought a premium designer handbag. a Chloe, and on the care instructions it suggested that the bag be waterproofed & treated before use. I was not sure of a good product and the designer said they couldnt suggest any product that may be local for me to buy since this bag was Italian leather. So on doing some internet research I came across your website, which was so easy to access. And just as stated it only enhances new leather & is so easy to apply. I will be indeed spreading the word to my family and friends who invest so much money in there shoes & handbags. Thank You so much for this quality product!"

~ C.R., Ft Wayne, In

I received my Leather Honey and it exceeded my expectations. Directions were easy to follow. I just cleaned the chair with mild soap and water, let it dry, and then put on the leather honey. What a difference!!! Never thought how leather may be just dried out and need a little TLC. Thanks so much for this product. P.S. I wish I would have taken before and after pics; just too good to be true!"

~ Mary Ann Clark

I got your product in the mail yesterday and was really impressed with that! Great service. I was really anxious to try it so last night before bed, I did a portion of the chair. I have to tell you I was anxiety ridden all night. I was afraid I was going to wake up to some discoloration or greasy chair! I was beyond pleasantly surprised. Your product exceeded my expectations more than I could have even imagined."

~ Cyndi Cuomo

I could not be more pleased if I tried hard. These bags are 13 years old, been on a motorcycle all those years with nothing done to them until I bought the bike. One evening working on the bags with the Leather Honey and I have soft workable bags. We use the bag system called Saggy Bags to straighten the sides and lid, but before you can do that they need to b esoft enough to work. Two applications of the Leather Honey and they were just right. All I can say is thank you so much for a product which actually does what it is advertised to do."

~ Martin "Skip" Pickens, USMC Retired

I have been conditioning leather for almost sixty years, and yes, it is the best I have ever used. It sure is as you have advertised."

~ Francis Brady, Colebrook, NH

I have found this to be an excellent protection for all my leather goods."

~ Joe Miller, Kutztown, PA

I would like to place an order for another quart of Leather Honey, please. Having purchased our first new leather sofa, loveseat and chair, we wanted to make sure to use the best leather protection we could find, and we believe we've found it with Leather Honey!"

~ Jon Quade, White Lake, MI

You are right it is the best. Makes old harnesses look new."

~ Jim Wilson, Clifton Hill, MO

My wife and I recently moved here from Northern Vermont. All the great horse loggers of the Northeast kingdom of Vermont use Leather Honey religiously, and it has been highly recommended for leather boot waterproofing."

~ John Davidson, Fairbanks, Alaska

I ordered your product and was so pleased to have it promptly mailed to me. I had purchased Leather Honey to condition a 60 year old bible that belonged to my Grandparents. The cover was extremely dried out. I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with your product! It is amazing the difference after two applications. Your product more than lives up to your claims. Since I had a bit of an unusual use for your product, I thought you would like to know how well it performed. I was just thrilled to find your product, it is truly amazing the difference it made. I will use it for all my leather products and most certainly recommend it to all my friends. Leather Honey truly lives up to every claim you make and more, and trust me, over the years I have tried many other products, they don't even come close! I did think you would like to hear of something leather and a bit different use I found for it. What a great product! What great service!"

~ L.P., Madison, AL


We conducted a hands-on evaluation of seven of the best commercial leather care products available including Neetsfood Oil, Fievlin's Care-4, Saddle Butter, Montana Pitch-Blend, Original Mink Oil, Pecard, and Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. Leather shoe soles dipped in Leather Honey prior to assemble have been found to last three times longer than untreated soles, thanks to its excellent lubricating qualities. Our own tests seem to validate this claim. Leather Honey also has a high affinity for leather fivers, and therefore provides water repellency on a par with Montana Pitch-Blend and Original Mink Oil. We highly recommend Leather Honey Leather Conditioner as a preservative for the soles of those expensive hand-pegged boots, and further suggest that you give it a try on your saddles and tack as well. We found it to be in a class by itself!"

~ Reprinted with permission from: The Civil War Cavalry Review, Volume III, No. 3, 1989, Nick Nichols

I tried your Leather Honey with good results. I am pleased that it is not sticky, nor does it leave the surface of the leather oily. It absorbs well into the leather. Thanks for making a good product that does what your ad claims at a reasonable price. It's a rare find! Leather Honey did wonders for the original seat upholstery on our antique buggy. It saved me from having it redone."

~ Rev. John Duncan, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

... I just can't believe how great this stuff really is. We have a den with a leather Chesterfield sofa, love seat, and wingback chair with ottoman. After sixteen years this aniline dyed (vat dyed) leather had become chalky (powdery looking) in the most worn areas with white cracks throughout. I didn't know that the leather was just craving a drink of Honey! I applied it with a two inch polypropylene paintbrush. The application was quick and painless and I could almost hear the leather whispering Thank You. What a difference! Now the whole set could pass for new... no kidding! The chalkiness is gone, the right navy blue color of the leather has returned and the entire set has a luxurious feel and a rich lustrous look. I even had enough left over to do the leather seats in my Durango and a favorite old pair of tassel shoes (which now look like new too). I'll be telling all my friends (and anyone who will listen) about the excellence of this product."

~ Many thanks, J.H.

I have been cleaning, repairing, and conditioning all types of tack for over sixty years, but NEVER used any better product than your Leather Honey."

~ A. L. Caisse, Leominster, MA

As it was suggested that I use Leather Honey on all the leather products that I wished to last longer and maintain their flexibility...I used it on my brand new shoes... I wear Anzo leather-soled and glove-soft uppers to work. I have them in many colors and have been buying them for yeras. They used to last me about one year and the leather sole would deteriorate and come apart and out they'd go. Since I have been painting the soles with Leather Honey, I have some that are going on four years! They are a bit scuffed, of course, but the soles are in great shape. Remember, these shoes get wet and are scuffed on cement and gravel everyday. Much harder life than any harness I own. So, I am really sold on Leather Honey. I have used it on all my tack and my expensive handbags too. I don't use anything but Leather Honey. After much hard love, my favorite boots were on their last leg, or so I thought! I applied a coat of Leather Honey and the difference was incredible. It was easy to apply, they look amazing and feel even better! My boots are back on my feet, better than ever. This was a much more economical choice than having to buy another pair!"

~ Lindsay Neese, VA

Leather Honey managed to make a six-year old Fendi bag of mine look newer and feel softer than it had on the day I bought it. Its effect is truly incredible. I had taken the white leather purse to specialty shoe stores about half a dozen times to have it retouched, but to little avail. I should've started using Leather Honey years ago!"

~ Sandra, Los Angeles, CA

I was thinking about buying a new pair of flats to replace my black Loeffler Randalls. That is, until I tried Leather Honey on them. Without exaggeration, one application to the round points of the ballerinas basically saved me the $550 cost that it would have been for a new pair. Thanks, Leather Honey!"

~ Carla, Venice, Italy

My purse had taken years to truly break in and was so soft!! My niece drug it along a very long sidewalk and it was never the same. After using Leather Honey, it is back to its glory days and I love it!"

~ Kelly, Yakima, WA

I tried Leather Honey on an Italian leather couch that is the center piece of my living room. It has really made the leather more supple, but the best thing is that it tended to hide most of the scratches - particularly the larger and most conspicuous ones - that it had accumulated over about the last 10 years. Great stuff!"

~ Bruce Dahlin, WV

I was on the verge of throwing my jacket away because it was so scuffed and ragged. Even worse was how it felt -the once buttery leather now felt like cheap vinyl. I had just resigned myself to buying a new one when I discovered Leather Honey. Absolutely amazing! While it didn't repair some of the deeper scuffs (as I magically hoped it would), it dramatically improved my jacket. It feels like its old self again. Next up, shoes and belts and maybe even my wallet..."

~ Jed, Chicago, IL

I have been using Leather Honey for years, primarily on shoes. After my shoes have been treated with Leather Honey, they go through snow and rain with little or no damage, staying flexible and lustrous, whereas untreated shoes exposed to weather become stiff and ugly. Besides treating new leather, I use Leather Honey to repair old, damaged leather, such as work gloves. Recently I decided to see if I could improve a leather trunk that had traveled several times to Europe and the Middle East in the late nineteenth century. The leather was dull, dry and thoroughly scuffed. After two applications of Leather Honey, the leather became soft to the touch, with a handsome dark glow. I was amazed to see leather so old and mistreated responding so beautifully to Leather Honey."

~ Honnor Dorsey, Shepherdstown, WV

Vintage heels are priceless. Crocodile vintage heels are untouchable in today's economy. Good thing that I was able to discover Leather Honey before giving up on my overly worn pair altogether! Where pieces of the skin had been cracking, the leather repair liquid worked magic. I cannot believe that shoes from the forties could be this shiny! Leather Honey is just a truly amazing product."

~ Serena, Charlottesville, Virginia

I'd like to take a moment of your time if I may, to tell you a little about my experience with Leather Honey. My wife and I purchased two Danish mid century modern chairs with leather cushions and rosewood frames from a repurposing store in Kansas City. While we thought we were just buying some cool old chairs for $60, we quickly found out after we arrived home that they were approx. 50 years old and quite valuable. The chairs were in very good condition, but the leather was really dry. I would guess that it had never been treated before. Now the question became, how do we restore the leather? Who had the best leather conditioner? Who could we trust this original 50 year old leather to without the fear of it becoming ruined? After many Google searches, we arrived at your site. We were skeptical at first, but ordered a bottle anyway.... Your Leather Honey arrived and we applied per your directions. After the second application... All I can say is wow! The leather looks and feels like it did when it was probably new... Maybe better! The dry cracks disappeared and the leather was very supple to the touch. I will never use any other leather conditioner product than yours. It is amazing! If I can trust my 50 year old leather chairs with your product, then anyone could trust their prized possessions too. Thank you again!"

~ Seth

I just wanted you to know that I have used the Leather Honey conditioner on my chair. Here are the before and after pictures. OH MY! What a wonderful difference. This furniture is about 36 years old and we have always taken very good care of it, but I have never used anything on it that made it look this brand new. I am a firm believer in Leather Honey, and my husband is too! I can't wait to try the cleaner and conditioner on my Solstice car seats. They were dirty when we purchased the car and I thought I had gotten them pretty clean, but I have a feeling that Leather Honey will make them look factory new. Thank you for such a remarkable product."

~ Betty

Fantastic product! Just what I was looking for and more! I recently purchased a quite expensive pair of handmade boots, pulled the trigger, had the boots made, steer leather. Received them and my first thought was "OMG, they're awesome! How should I care for them?" Went to the interweb and found Leather Honey. Received my package of cleaner and conditioner, applied product and was very happy with the result! So... I have a lot of product left over, what else can I condition? Found an old, neglected, leather tool belt rig. Been hanging in my garage for 15 years, completely hard and dried out. Blew it off with compressed air, cleaned it thoroughly with Leather Honey cleaner, let it dry, and applied a liberal coat of Leather Honey conditioner, used a 2" foam paint brush (worked great). That old leather sucked in the conditioner like a sponge! Gave it 3 applications in total and the entire tool belt rig came back to life! More flexible and supple than the day I bought it. Awesome product! I'll never use anything else for my leather goods! "

~ C. Fultz


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