When people purchase an expensive leather handbag, they do so with the intent of using it for a long period of time. They can be costly and people justify buying the purchase because they have great lasting quality. Leather purses also need regular leather cleaning and conditioning to keep them looking new. Leather purse cleaners are not made equal. It's important to learn the steps on how to clean a leather purse.

Leather Honey leather care products help you care for all your leather items and is a great leather purse cleaner and conditioner. Our conditioner and cleaner are manufactured and hand bottled in the USA. Both can be used on your leather bags & purses (except suede items), plus wallets, belts, gloves, leather jackets, clothing, and boots & shoes. We offer free shipping anywhere in the US when you buy with Amazon or on our website!

Leather Handbag & Purse Conditioner

Soften & Restore your leather purse and handbag

Over time, leather can begin to crack and dry out (which gives it a stiff feeling). If your leather purse or handbag is showing creases and cracks – you could ruin them. Brittleness is unpleasant for leather bags – you need them to be supple and “give” in order to keep them long-lasting. Restoring moisture is the key to rejuvenating that leather handbag or purse.

Leather Honey leather conditioner penetrates deep into leather’s pores which hydrates the fibers. Before you take your handbag out, make sure to condition it overnight so the conditioner had time to soak in. You can do this yourself by applying a thin, even coat over the leather. Conditioning leather on your own will save you money over sending it to a professional service!

Leather Handbag & Purse Cleaner

Get rid of odors & stains to keep your leather purse looking new

Just like with your other leather items, stains are unavoidable – sitting on a soiled chair, brushing up against a car, spilling a drink, dropping food, etc. Suddenly your favorite leather handbag looks old and damaged. Do you know how to clean a leather purse? Start by applying a leather cleaner at home will do wonders for your leather purses & bags. Just apply a small amount to your leather purse or handbag and gently wipe.

Leather Honey’s all-natural leather cleaner does not contain drying agents which take away moisture. It is effective on all types of leather plus faux leather, vinyl, and polyurethane – anything except suede.

Total Care for Leather Purses & Handbags

Leather Honey products plus application cloths

When you are looking for a total leather care solution, you should consider our bundle so you can both clean and condition your leather. Leather Honey is a family business. We have been in operation since 1968 and have many satisfied customers. Buying our premium leather conditioner and cleaner (and using them regularly) can go a long way to improving the look and feel of your leather purses & handbags.

Leather Honey premium conditioner, Leather Honey cleaner, and 2 application cloths.

What Our Customers Say

We tried and tested many different products on our leather handbags before they go out to customers to make sure they look tip top. Leather Honey is by far our favourite and we recommend it to every single last one of our customers every time they buy from us. From a company that relies on quality looking leather products, we wouldn't recommend anyone else."

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