Large Leather Care Kit

The complete leather care kit, with everything you need to clean and condition your favorite leather goods.

Kit contains our entire suite of non-toxic, all-natural leather care products: 32 oz. leather conditioner, 4 oz. concentrated leather cleaner and two lint-free application cloths. The large kit is perfect for big leather items, such as your leather car interior or leather furniture.

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#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

6 months of
leather protection.

Non-toxic. All-natural.
Easy to apply.

Richer, softer,
healthier leather.

How to clean and condition your leather

  1. Spot test both products in a discreet area, allowing the test area to dry before proceeding.    
  3. Clean the surface of old or dirty leather. Our 4 oz. leather cleaner is a concentrate that should be diluted with water, using a 1:8 ratio.  Gently wipe down your leather with a lint-free cloth, concentrating on soiled areas. Allow the leather to dry completely.    
  5. Apply a quarter-size drop of leather conditioner to a clean, dry lint-free cloth. Completely coat the leather in a thin, even layer of leather conditioner and allow to dry for at least two hours (preferably overnight).
  7. Once dry, gently buff the leather with a lint-free cloth if necessary to remove any excess conditioner. Apply additional coats as needed, if leather still appears dry.


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