How to use Leather Honey's Suede & Nubuck Care Kit

Caring for your suede and nubuck with Leather Honey

Clean and protect your suede and nubuck leather with our complete kit of the suede care essentials:
  • Leather Honey’s foaming Suede Cleaner is formulated for suede and nubuck, but can also be used on smooth leather, faux and vegan leather, rubber, vinyl, canvas and sheepskin.
  • Leather Honey’s Suede & Nubuck Protector's water-based formula provides a breathable layer of protection against water, dirt and stains. 
  • Kit also includes our Suede Eraser and Horsehair Suede Brush

Directions for use: 

  1. Spot test all products in a discreet area.

  2. Use the Suede Brush to gently brush the surface of the suede, removing loose dirt before you start cleaning. 

  3. Apply our Suede Cleaner to a clean, dry cloth (not directly to your suede). Gently wipe the entire surface of the leather (don't spot clean). The cleaner will quickly and gently relax the surface tension of suede and nubuck, which allows dirt to lift away with ease. 

  4. Use the Suede Eraser to remove stubborn stains. 

  5. Wipe away excess dirt and cleaner with a clean, dry cloth, then allow suede to dry.

  6. Apply Suede Protector in a thin, even coat to ensure your item is safe from spills and stains.

  7. Allow the suede to dry again naturally.

  8. Between cleanings, use the Suede Brush again to fluff and refresh the nap of the suede and remove loose dirt. 


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