Leather Polisher vs. Leather Conditioner

Caring for your leather is important, but it is also possible to over-care for your leather if you add too much product to the material.

Someone who frequently cleans, polishes and then conditions their leather on a regular basis may be treading too closely to the over-caring line. Leather does not need to be polished on a regular basis if a good conditioner is being applied.

The easiest way to look at it is this: Leather should not be polished unless it has been conditioned, and leather should not be conditioned unless it has been cleaned.

So how often should you clean your leather? The answer to that it completely depends on the type of leather. What is it used for and how often is it used? Leather motorcycle jackets that only get worn a few times a year can generally get by with one solid cleaning and conditioning process a year. On the other hand, leather boots that are worn everyday and are constantly being dragged through the mud should be cleaned and conditioned every couple of weeks then polished two or three times a year.

But you thought polish was more important than conditioning?

While polish does a fantastic job adding a shine to the texture of the leather, it is the conditioner that penetrates the “skin” and ensures that the leather remains flexible and blocks water from seeping in. This is important because the more flexible leather is, the less likely it will tear and crack. In addition, the role conditioner plays in preventing water penetration is also important because water will rid leather of its vital oils and dry it out faster.

Like polish, a good conditioner like Leather Honey can also add a sleek shine to leather. Many people who use conditioner for the first time are amazed at how quickly it absorbs and how it makes their leather equipment and apparel look brand new.

Polish is still useful and a great way to add a quick shine to leather. However, it is not necessary and likely counterproductive to add large quantities of polish to leather that is already being conditioned.  If you do decide to polish, make sure you apply Leather Honey first and allow it to dry completely before applying polish.

Over-caring for leather can include too much conditioning as well. With products like Leather Honey, it is easy for people to get carried away with applications. The conditioner works so well that it can be addicting to rejuvenate the moisture in things like car seats and handbags over and over again. However, a little dose of Leather Honey really goes a long way.

Take for instance a pair of men’s work boots. For these, you would only need about a quarter-sized amount of Leather Honey on each shoe.

Excessive cleaning can also do leather more harm than good. As previously mentioned, water will dry leather out. Only wet the material if you have conditioner available to use immediately after it dries. Cleaning products can be as simple as a mild soap mixed with some warm water. With a clean, lint-free rag, leather can be thoroughly cleaned simply by rubbing the solution into the leather. Always remember to wait for it to dry before adding conditioner.

The maintenance of leather is really quite simple. If you choose a quality conditioner like Leather Honey, a pint-size bottle may be all you need to last you through the year.

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