How to Clean & Condition Natuzzi Leather

Natuzzi produces some of the world’s finest leathers, and the company only releases products after countless tests to evaluate their resistance to normal wear and tear, friction, impact and sunlight. They are some of the most sought-after leather products in the world. Natuzzi truly brings the word “luxury” to the leather industry.

If you’re going to invest in luxury products, you need to make sure that you have the right solutions to care for them. Unfortunately, many of today’s leather cleaners and conditioners are full of toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to your health, but that are also damaging to leather material. These ingredients may cause premature wear, essentially guaranteeing that your beautiful products won’t last. Leather Honey isnon toxic, water repellent and will leave no oily residue!

Natuzzi Leather Couch Restoration

Leather is one of those materials that is made to last for a lifetime if you take care of it, and Leather Honey will help project & rejuvenate all leather items (except suede). While we can’t tell you exactly what’s in our Leather Honey products, we can tell you that there are absolutely no animal products, no silicone, and no solvents in any of our products.

Natuzzi Leather Couch Cleaning

Our formula was created nearly 60 years ago. The solution proved to be so effective for restoring leather products that we don't need to change it. It is our belief, and the belief of our many returning customers, that our chemical-free Leather Honey is perfect the way that it is.

Coats, chairs, sofas, shoes and even rugs are all made of leather, and these are items that both people and animals frequently interact with. We want to protect you and your leather items, which is why we continue to use the same, chemical-free solution created all those years ago.

Our choice has helped preserve the integrity of Natuzzi furniture and other leather items.

Give your Natuzzi Leather Furniture Back its Suppleness with Leather Honey Conditioner

Reverse-aging is possible with our leather conditioner. If your Natuzzi leather begins to show the normal signs of aging such as cracking, dullness, scuffs or stiffness, you may be feeling discouraged, but you shouldn’t. It’s normal for leather to lose its suppleness and comfort over time. This is true of items that are both used regularly and rarely used at all. This is because leather, much like cracked and dry skin, lacks the necessary moisture to maintain its vibrancy, and restoring it is as simple as coating your hands with some hand lotion.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is designed to wipe away the signs of aging with just a thin coat spread over the surface of the item. The solution penetrates deep into the leather to soften, nourish and replenish. Better yet, the conditioner provides a protective barrier.

Clean Before Conditioning with our Leather Cleaner

Wipe away dirt, grime and oils for a rejuvenated appearance. Time isn’t the only factor that affects the natural luster of Natuzzi sofas. Dirt, oils from your hands and hair, grime and stains are all par for the course of leather ownership. Unfortunately, cleaning leather isn’t as simple as tossing it in the wash with all of your other garments, and nor is it safe to give your leather items a quick wipe down with a wet cloth. What is a safe way to clear your favorite items of gunk and residue? Leather Honey Leather Cleaner.

Many cleaners contain harmful chemicals that slowly harm, or even start to dissolve leather and leave behind a toxic residue. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner contains no chemicals or toxins.

Leather Couch Cleaning

Non-toxic and gentle, our leather cleaner is a first-rate solution for superior leather cleaning. Simply mix our solution with water, spritz on the desired area and wipe away with an application cloth to restore the appearance of your items without taking away any of its natural luster.

Breathe New Life Into Your Worn Leather Natuzzi Sofa, Chair, or Ottoman

Leather Honey's conditioner and cleaner are designed to breathe life back into your favorite items. And not only for your sofa, whether you want to restore a pair of boots, a coat, or a pair of gloves, our products are just what you need. Made of nothing but the best ingredients that nature has to offer, our solutions are safe and toxin-free, perfect for you and your leathers.

Built on Integrity

Leather Honey was founded over 50 years ago with one thing in mind: preserving the integrity of one of nature’s finest materials with nothing but nature’s finest ingredients. Today, our company continues to value safety and quality over cost, which is why we continue to use the same formula created back in the 1960s. It is effective, safe for both leather and humans and non-toxic. Though we’ve had to opportunity to turn to cheaper ingredients, endangering the quality of your leather or your health is not worth the risks, and so we uphold the family tradition and use our secret formula to bring you the best leather restoration products on the market.

Give Your Natuzzi Leather Complete TLC

Though you can always pick up a single bottle of our conditioner or cleaner on Amazon, you might find that your leather needs the complete package. Our leather solutions work best together, and returning customers almost always opt for the bundle package, which includes our products in various sizes. If you want to wipe away dirt, debris, scruffs and damages, and then protect your newly restored material for months, invest in the complete solution. Your Natuzzi pieces will thank you for it.


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