Leather Honey was created many decades ago, before many of these new popular chemicals began to find their way into our homes. Our high-quality ingredients are still the same today as they were in the 1960s. Over the years, there have been cheaper but riskier ingredient alternatives that have appeared and we have just simply said – no thanks. Our non-toxic Leather Honey is perfect just the way it is.

Both people and animals are in regular contact with leather. We wear it, sit on it, play with it and sleep on it. This is all direct contact with skin. Does everyone get sick from toxins? Of course they don’t, everyone reacts differently to that type of exposure. However, we believe that the risk of even a single person experiencing health problems related to a chemical is too great.

Call us old-fashioned, but that is how seriously we take the quality of our Leather Honey products and the integrity of our family-owned business.

Our family recipe and high-quality, premium ingredients make us the number one leather conditioner on the market. You can trust our product for making your leather look and feel like new.

P.S. Leather Honey is free of animal products, silicone and solvents as well. And you can always buy it here, or at Amazon.



Dirt, grime and odors are inevitable with leather that’s well-worn and frequently used; this is especially true for boots, gloves and jackets, but your leather furniture and seats need that same care too. However, the usual cleaners won’t work for leather if you want to keep it strong and healthy. Too much moisture promotes mold or mildew, while too little dries leather out and leads to cracking. 

The solvents used in many cleaners can also eat away at leather or leave behind a residue that can be toxic to both people and animals. A cleaner, gentle yet effective, is what you need.

Leather Honey leather cleaner is a premium, EPA Safer Choice Certified solution that restores the beautiful look of any leather product (apart from suede) gently and without any damaging effects. (We also sell a brand-new, UV protectant version of this product, also formulated with non-toxic ingredients.)

On top of that, only a small application is needed to thoroughly clean away grit and grime for newly restored freshness, so the product goes a long way. Taking the time for regular cleaning is a guaranteed way to maintain the lovely appearance that leather is known for.

Leather Conditioner - Bring New Life to Your Leather


New leather, or leather left untouched for a while, loses its flexibility and supple texture. Besides being uncomfortable when stiff, you risk cracking and damaging the leather with use in this state. The cause is a lack of moisture, either because the leather has been newly made or because it’s been stored for a long time and left untreated. Instead, turn to our non-toxic Leather Honey conditioner to help restore and protect your leather.

A thin, even coat of conditioner over the leather’s surface goes a long way - this gentle treatment lasts up to six months, penetrating into the material’s pores to soften, moisturize and renew within a few hours. The result is flexible, beautiful leather with an enhanced lifespan. It also protects against water and snow while leaving behind no damaging solvents or hazardous toxins. 

Our conditioner is fit for leather in nearly any form - boots, upholstery, purses, car seats, saddles and much more - and safe for use in anything handled by friends, family or even pets.

As leather experts, we always recommend testing a product in a discrete area first.


Whether it’s in your shoes, furniture or clothing, leather that’s treated well is leather that’ll be sure to last. Cleaning and conditioning leather requires special care because many formulas contain chemicals that can damage the material or leave behind toxins that endanger your health. Leather Honey offers an alternative, with a leather conditioner and cleaner featuring only safe, high-quality ingredients in a family-owned formula left unchanged since its creation.


People and animals are regularly exposed to leather, whether in their clothes, their furniture or their accessories and work gear. That includes a lot of skin contact. Using unsafe chemicals as ingredients in your conditioner and cleaner means exposure to those chemicals well after application. More than endangering the quality of your leather, it endangers the quality of your health - as well as that of your family, children, and even pets. It is true that not everyone gets sick from sitting on or wearing leather treated with conventional chemical solutions, but it’s not in our nature to take even a small risk of that happening with our products.

From the start, Leather Honey has emphasized user safety. Back in the 60s, harsh chemicals were everywhere in the market, and that’s still the case today. Cheaper alternative ingredients come and go, offering to cut costs but introduce health risks to our customers, but every time we resolve not to rely on them just for the bottom line. Our non-toxic formula - a family secret - has remained the same over the years, because there’s no sense in fixing what isn’t broken. This is what’s behind the best leather cleaner and conditioner on the market.


For enhanced effect and optimal leather care, our formulas work best when used together - removing stains and dirt with our gentle cleaner, then applying the leather conditioner to protect and renew the material. Together, this ensures long-lasting furniture, footwear or clothing that looks and feels great the whole way through. Along with the product listings on Amazon, we offer - exclusively on our site - Leather Honey bundles that contain both leather cleaner and conditioner in 8oz or 32oz sizes, along with two application cloths for easier use. Leather is a luxury, so you should treat it like one to make sure it lasts - that’s what Leather Honey is for.


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