Complete Leather Care for Unfinished Leather Items

You don’t want just any leather care products. You want safe, non-toxic leather conditioner & leather cleaner that can handle finished to unfinished leather. No other leather cleaning and conditioning products are as versatile as Leather Honey, the #1 best-selling leather care products on Amazon.

Our secret is in the ingredients & formula we created. We avoid all chemicals, all silicones, all animal products, and all solvents. Why? Because we believe that non-toxic products can extend the life of your leather by providing a gentler, safer experience for both you and your leather items. Leather Honey is gentle on your leather, your clothing, and your skin.

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Trust the #1 Amazon Rated Leather Care Products

Family matters. And when we say family matters, we mean you should trust in a family-owned business that has built a presence in the industry for over 50 years. We work together to preserve our pride in our brand and our family.

Leather Cleaning

The quality of our products reflects on our family name, and we put that pride into every leather care product we create so that you enjoy the benefits of generations of leather care expertise.

Leather Care for Unfinished Leather

The touch and feel of unfinished leather is to many, more luxurious & colorful than finished leather, but this means that it is even more susceptible to scratches, stains & damage. Unfinished leather requires special care and handling, and that’s why you should trust your leather treatment toLeather Honey Leather Cleaner.

We have a reputation for creating the gentlest leather care products on the market, providing the best possible cleaning for your leather through use of non-toxic ingredients. Leather Honey is so gentle you never have to fear for the integrity of your leather, and can safely trust that you’ll get a deep, thorough clean without harming a single inch of that precious hide.

Leather Cleaner

At Leather Honey, we don’t believe in chemical ingredients. If it isn’t 100% non-toxic, you won’t find it in ourLeather Honey Leather Conditioner.

Leather Cleaning

Chemicals are often highly destructive when used on natural substances such as leather. That’s why we created Leather Honey over 50 years ago, and have passed the secrets of gentle but effective leather cleaning, conditioning, and restoration down through generations of dedicated family members.

Leather Honey is a Household Name

We founded Leather Honey in 1968 on principles of simplicity and clean ingredients. This has not changed in over 50 years ago, and it shows, as we have many repeat customers wholove to tell us how wonderful Leather Honey is.

Once Leather Honey hit the market, leather owners tossed out their bottles of Neatsfoot oil and mink oil and stocked up on Leather Honey. The Leather Honey formula is derived from a secret family recipe and was originally used to condition leather tack equipment (we are also horse farmers!).

Fellow equestrians quickly discovered Leather Honey’s incredible results on leather and the news spread fast. It is now the most popular leather conditioning solution for all sorts of leather products.

Incredible Results Every Time

Unlike these other leather cleaning and conditioning products, there areno gimmicksand no surprising or disappointing results with Leather Honey.

With Leather Honey, what you buy is what you get – a trustworthy, affordable, leather conditioner that restores moisture, prevents staining and enhances the durability and appearance of any leather product.

P.S. Leather Honey is free of animal products, silicone and solvents as well. And you can always buy it here, or at Amazon.



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