Clean & Condition Dark Leather Items

Are you struggling to keep your dark leather items clean and in like-new condition? Need to restore that supple shine that comes with well-maintained leather? Leather Honey protects new leather & rejuvenates old leather. For use on all dark leather but suede, including furniture, auto interior, motorcycle leathers, jackets, boots and shoes, gloves, purses, saddles and tack.

Leather Jacket Restoration

Color Protect Your Dark Leather Items

What is Leather Honey? Leather Honey is a leather cleaner and conditioner pair of products that have been helping leather lovers keep their leather products in pristine condition for the better half of century.

Leather Care Products

dark leather jacket cleaner and conditioner

Founded in 1960, Leather Honey was built on the promise of a family-developed formula with only non-toxic ingredients – and we’ve kept that promise with pride, serving generations of customers from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a biker with a well-ridden seat, a fashionista with fine leather purses, or you're just looking to keep your leather car interiors in beautiful condition, it’s a Leather Honey promise that our quality products will give you the protection and care your leather deserves.

Non-Toxic to Keep Leather Hydrated

We never use any toxic chemicals. It’s not just about the environment. It’s about you, and your health and safety. Leather is always in contact with our skin – we wear it, sit on it, and even sleep on it.

Did you know that toxins from leather cleaning chemicals can absorb into your body? Exposure can accumulate over time to have detrimental effects. Others may find they’re highly sensitive or even allergic to the harsh chemicals in other commercial cleaners. We only use non-animal-based ingredients with no chemicals or solvents.

Re-energize Dark Leather Items

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Proven for protection, we are the #1 Best Selling Leather Care product on Amazon for many years. Leather can degrade over time, like any biological products, but with Leather Honey you canprotect and re-energize your black & dark leathersto ensure the longevity and integrity of your products. Our gentle formula is strong when it comes to armoring your leather products against wear and tear and protecting them both from the ravages of time and the damage accumulated with long-term use.

Money Back Guarantee

Try the Leather Honey guarantee. We’re committed to your satisfaction.

You’re exposed to chemicals daily. They’re in the air, in the water, in your food, in your car, in your workplace. Companies consistently put you at risk by including toxic chemicals in the formulations for their products, but you don’t have to fear that with Leather Honey. You can take pleasure in the contact of leather seats and clothing against your skin without fearing that your leather is leaching toxic chemicals into your body and clothing so long as you clean and condition with Leather Honey products. We use only the safest ingredients and pride ourselves on our commitment to your health.

Leather Honey can be used on a wide-range of leather items. No matter your type or style of leather (except suede), you can use Leather Honey products to clean, condition, and maintain it. Whether you’re caring for vehicle interiors, cleaning a beloved handbag, polishing your favorite leather jacket, buffing your best leather shoes, or bringing your motorcycle’s seats and grips up to a beautiful leather shine, you’ll find Leather Honey adaptable to your every need. Try it on your favorite leather products to see the astonishing positive effect Leather Honey can have in restoring your leather’s shine and durability. Trust the #1 Selling Leather Care Products on Amazon.


Our customers rave about Leather Honey. Many have tried other leather cleaning and conditioning products in the past, only to be disappointed - until they discovered Leather Honey. Every customer is stunned by thebeautiful difference Leather Honey can make to their worn-out dark leather items, and the outstanding results from using our products on their leather clothing, furniture, and much more. We’re a small family business with a big approach to leather cleaning and conditioning, and we take pride in the satisfaction of many repeat customers.



We enjoying seeing the many huge transformations our customers have achieved with Leather Honey. We offer free shipping, so you can discover the before and after difference, and restore your leather products to a like-new shine yourself. Even furniture that’s been damaged by pet scratches or clothing that seems all worn out over time can enjoy the difference that makes Leather Honey stand out as the best leather cleaning and conditioning products.


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