How to Deal With Water-Damaged Leather

It is almost inevitable that your leather car seats, leather jacket or leather shoes will be exposed to rain, puddles, or water spills. 

leather boots near water

Treating Leather Water Damage

Water strips leather of its natural oils and when wet leather dries, you’ll often find that it has become dry and brittle. While rain can ruin leather, the following steps can help you treat and fix water-damaged leatherto help preserve your valuable leather apparel.

How to Fix Water-Damaged Leather:

  1. Dry leather piece completely at room temperature – do not use a blow dryer or other heat source.
  2. Gently wipe off any excess dirt with a soft, damp cloth, and clean with Leather Honey leather cleaner if necessary.
  3. Allow the leather to dry again – leather should be completely dry before applying Leather Honey leather conditioner.
  4. Rub in Leather Honey Leather Conditioner with your fingertips or a lint-free cloth, applying a thin, even coat to all areas – not just those that were wet.
  5. Lay or hang your leather piece out to allow the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to absorb for at least two hours and up to one full day.
  6. If necessary, repeat application of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.
leather boot

If your leather apparel has dried with water stains, use a lukewarm, damp cloth to gradually work the water spots out, covering the entire area with a sweeping motion. Dampening the entire area will fade the water spots. Let the leather air dry and apply Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.

Prevent Water Damage Before it Happens

It is important to refer to our leather care guides before cleaning and conditioning your leather. Leather Honey leather care products can be used to pre-treat your leather pieces to prevent potential water damage. To be proactive, clean your boots regularly with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner and condition every six months with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner will act as a water-repelling agent. If your leather piece is well moisturized it will cause moisture to bead on the surface instead of penetrating into the leather fibers.


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