Should You Use Olive Oil or Mink Oil On Leather Goods?

There are several claims for leather cleaning and conditioning solutions that are simply untrue — yet they continue to spread either by word of mouth or through internet searches.

We at Leather Honey are experts on leather care and we’re here to tell you that many of these claims are not only incorrect (and admittedly a little amusing) but they also risk having a reverse effect and actually end up doing more harm to your leather than good!

While you may be tempted to use household cleaning products to clean leather, be wary that most, if not all, are silent killers of leather goods! It may not damage the leather right away, but over time they will damage or reduce the longevity of leather. Using olive oil on leather can have negative repercussions. The same holds true for mink oil. In this article we'll explore why olive oil and mink oil are bad for your leather goods.

Using Olive Oil or Mink Oil on Leather

Oils are tricky, even olive oil. The thick, creamy-like substance sincerely gives the impression that they would make great leather conditioners. However, the concept fails time and time again. Some people still claim that mink oil works as a leather condition. Mink oil is a product made from the fatty layer under mink skins and it will work as a leather conditioner but only for a short period of time. An application of mink oil will moisturize and replenish your leather but, like Neatsfoot oil, it will eventually oxidize and harden your leather couch, leather purse, leather car seats, leather shoes and more.

Never Use Any Oils or Food Products on Leather Goods

Additionally, treating leather with olive oil will eventually lead to bacteria and mold build up (yuck!). We encourage you to avoid using kitchen condiments as leather cleaners or conditioners. This includes vinegar, olive oil, flaxseed oil and butter — these products are great on potatoes, not on your leather jacket. Your nice leather couch may end up smelling like a salad.

Use an All Natural Leather Care Product on your Leather Items Free of Animal Products

Once Leather Honey hit the market, leather owners tossed out their bottles of mink oil, olive oil, and neatsfoot oil and stocked up on Leather Honey. We are the #1 Selling Leather Care Products on Amazon.

Horse Bridle Leather Conditioner

The Leather Honey formula is derived from an all-natural secret family recipe and was originally used to condition leather tack equipment (we are also horse farmers!). Fellow equestrians quickly discovered Leather Honey’s incredible results on leather and the news spread fast. It is now the most popular leather conditioning solution for all sorts of leather products.

Unlike these other leather cleaning and conditioning products, there are no gimmicks and no surprising or disappointing results with Leather Honey.

With Leather Honey, what you buy is what you get – a trustworthy, affordable, leather cleaner & leather conditioner that clean leather, restores moisture, prevents staining and enhances the durability and appearance of any leather product.

The left before & after photo was submitted to us by a customer using Leather Honey leather care products.



  • Can I use olive oil on my leather jacket? We do not recommend using olive oil on a leather jacket as it can lead to mold and bacteria build-up.
  • How do I repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil? We advise against using olive oil to repair cat scratches on your leather items. Try a durable leather cleaner and conditioner instead of oils.
  • Can I use olive oil on my baseball gloves? Although it is tempting, try avoiding using oils and DIY home products on your baseball gloves. Try our special leather conditioner formula to soften and break in new baseball gloves.


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