How to Protect Your Leather Couch from Scratches

A good leather couch is more than an investment in time and money: It is an investment in your personal style. A high-quality leather couch can be the focal point of a room.


protect-leather-couch-from-scratchesThe location of your couch can make a huge difference in how long the leather lasts and what kind of maintenance is required. Keeping your couch out of the way of children and pets is the smartest and easiest way to prevent undue damage or scratches to the couch. However, this simple and straightforward method also has its drawbacks: for one, it’s harder for visitors to enjoy a couch that is hidden away or sitting somewhere most arrivals cannot easily see. In addition, the same children that might damage your excellent leather couch will never get to enjoy its lustrous feel or aged surface.

Leather Conditioner

Another way to help prevent lasting scratch damage to your old or antique leather couch is Leather Honey. Leather conditioner is a substance applied to help keep leather supple, springy and healthy long after it might naturally succumb to the elements. Keeping leather healthy also allows it to retain its natural shape and resist injury or damage inflicted on it by mishandling. Leather conditioner can also be applied to help keep leather from cracking , which occurs when the leather becomes overly dry. This prolongs the life of the leather greatly and will give you more use out of the couch.

Repair after the Fact

You can always attempt to repair your damaged leather couch after it has been damaged. However, this is not always successful and prevention is always a better option. If you have no choice but to “pick up the pieces,” though, you can always consult a professional to have it examined and reworked to minimize damage and restore it to its original glory.

Most leatherworking professionals will be able to take one look at a damaged leather couch and tell you whether it can be restored fully or whether it is a total loss. This can save you time and money, However, we highly recommend trying Leather Honey first – we hear from customers every single day who tell us that our product saved them from having to purchase a new piece of furniture or invest in professional leather restoration services.

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