How to Clean & Condition Nubuck Leather

Is it leather, is it velvet or is it nubuck? Nubuck leather is a finely crafted cattle leather that has been sanded on the grain side to give a velvet-like appearance to an otherwise standard piece of hide. The finished result similar to suede, but because it is created from the outer side of cattle hide, it is much more durable and thick, finer looking, softer to the touch and more expensive.

Unfortunately, because of its fineness, nubuck leather may scratch easily and can be prone to water stains. If you own nubuck leather and want to protect it from everyday wear and tear, Invest in proper nubuck leather care with Leather Honey Suede & Nubuck Cleaner.

Leather Honey was founded in the 1960s. The formula is a long-kept family secret. Unlike many of today’s cleaners & conditioners, ours doesn’t contain any artificial alternatives or harmful ingredients, making our solutions the safest on the market.

Chemicals often found in today’s leather cleaners and conditioners not only cause premature wear to leather products, but they may also pose health risks. People and animals come into contact with leather on a regular basis, and anyone or anything with sensitive skin or an intolerance may develop rashes, irritations or adverse health effects when exposed to leathers treated with harsh chemicals. We use only non-toxic ingredients.


Restore, protect and preserve your nubuck pieces. Leather is made to last when treated properly. If it’s treated with harsh chemicals, it may deteriorate at a more rapid rate. At Leather Honey, we want to keep that from happening to your leather pieces. Our Leather Honey leather conditioner can help make that happen.

Nubuck leather care doesn't need to be complex or complicated. By applying a thin coat of Leather Honey Suede & Nubuck Cleaner to the damaged nubuck leather item, you can erase years of damage and mistreatment and restore the flexibility and supple texture to your items. Leather left untreated doesn’t just look bad, it also feels uncomfortable. If your leather coat is stiff, if your couch cushions are unforgiving or if you find it difficult to slip your feet into a once favorite pair of leather boots, you may need to show it a little TLC in the form of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. 

Our conditioner is gentle and made to last for up to six months. Best of all, its protective properties keep stains at bay and protect your luxurious nubuck material from water damage caused by snow, rain and sleet. Finally, you can wear your nubuck leather out and about, even when Mother Nature decides to send moisture your way.


Nubuck leather isn’t just susceptible to water stains and scratching; it is also prone to collecting dirt, grime and other impurities through everyday wear, just like all your other clothing articles. However, unlike a favorite tee or a worn pair of jeans, you can’t just throw your leather items into the wash, as doing so would ruin them for good. You can’t wipe them down with water either, as pure water may cause mildew and mold build up. So, what can you do?

You can use Leather Honey Suede & Nubuck Cleaner before using the leather conditioner. These nubuck leather care products can save and restore your leather. Our leather cleaner is the perfect ration of nature’s finest cleansing agents and moisturizers. Simply spritz the solution onto a lint-free cloth and wipe away. Watch as years of dirt and grime fall away. Rejoice when, unlike with other leather cleaners, your nubuck item isn’t coated with a gunky residue post cleaning.

A little bit of our cleaner and conditioner goes a long way towards bringing your leather to like-new condition and to restoring its suppleness and sheen. 


Leather Honey is safe for all leathers and all leather items. Whether you want to bring a favorite pair of shoes back from the dark side, make a leather sofa a comfy haven once more, or restore a vintage leather coat so that you can finally wear it to work, Leather Honey nubuck leather care products are just what you need to get the job done.


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