5 Tips to Take Care of Bonded Leather

If you are someone who loves the look of leather, then there is a good chance that you are interested in leather furniture. But maybe the price tag of 100% genuine leather is out of your budget. You may turn to bonded leather furniture, which is leather made from a mix of synthetic and genuine leather, bonded together to create a seamless look. You will find that many leather furniture pieces are made of bonded leather.

Consider these bonded leather care tips if you want to make sure your bonded leather furniture stays in good shape for years to come. There are a few important things to remember when it comes to bonded leather and how to care for it.

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1. Wipe down bonded leather weekly

Every week, make sure that you wipe your bonded leather furniture thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. This removes all of the dust from the furniture's crevices. The dust, which is made out of sharp small particles, can dull your furniture by scratching it over time. By wiping it away, you keep your bonded leather in good shape.

2. Wet clean with leather cleaner regularly

After you wipe down your bonded leather, you can do a wet clean if necessary. To do a wet clean, dampen a clean cloth with a very small amount of water and a dab of Leather Honey leather cleaner, and use it to swipe the bonded leather very lightly. This removes the last of the dust, and the small amount of water prevents you from saturating the leather. After you are done wiping down the leather couch, finish the chore by finding another clean piece of dry fabric and wiping up any excess water.

3. Condition the leather if it is absorbent

From time to time, bonded leather should be conditioned in order to for it to remain smooth and supple. There are many different leather conditioners on the market, such as Leather Honey, but as always, we recommend spot testing first – some bonded leather pieces will have a higher level of synthetic material, which can make it difficult for a product like Leather Honey to penetrate. Unlike other leather conditioners, Leather Honey is designed to penetrate deep into the leather’s pores – bonded leather comprised primarily of synthetic materials may not allow that, so choose the one that best matches your leather.

When you decide to treat your bonded leather with Leather Honey, a small amount of the leather conditioner should be poured onto a lint-free cloth and then rubbed gently into the leather. Create a thin, even coat. Many of our customers use a paint brush as an applicator, or even their hands! Pay special attention to the areas where the leather sees the most wear, including any place where it is touched regularly. Also remember to drop to the floor and see whether the furniture might have been kicked or scuffed by careless feet.

4. Treat spills on bonded leather quickly

Make sure that you blot up any stains immediately with a cloth. Blot until you cannot bring up any more of the stain; do not scrub as that can make the stain soak in. In many cases, you can simply blot the stains until they come up completely. If you cannot, look for a non-toxic leather cleaner like Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. Do not use a standard cleaner on your bonded leather. Remember that the shorter the amount of time the stain stays on the leather, the easier it will be to remove.

5. Hang on to your leather furniture warranty

Make sure that you keep the furniture's warranty on hand. A good manufacturer is going to give out warranties with their items because factory defects do happen. On top of that, furniture can have some issues even under normal wear if there is some kind of inherent weakness in the product. With that in mind, always keep your warranties where you can find them, and refer to them for any serious damage.

If you are someone who has recently purchased a bonded leather piece of furniture, make sure that you know how to take care of it. Bonded leather can look great for years to come, so consider what your regular maintenance tasks should be. This can drastically affect the wear of your furniture.


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