Shark Leather Care

Shark leather is one of the strongest leathers on the market. Known for being seven to 11 times stronger than cow leather, shark leather offers the durability needed for work garments and the beauty you desire for high-fashion garments.

Shark skin is also known for its rough, textured surface. This gives each piece crafted from shark leather a unique appearance. When carefully tanned, the roughness is toned down so the material works well for shoes, handbags, wallets and belts, offering a slight texture without too much roughness.

Leather Conditioner & Cleaner for Shark Leather

If you own a piece made from genuine shark leather, your first goal is to keep it strong and well-maintained. Durability can be compromised without the proper care. Cleaning and conditioning the leather well will ensure that you get many years of use and enjoyment from your leather item.

Like all leather, shark leather needs moisture to remain soft and strong. Without moisture, the leather will dry out, and this will compromise the strength of the material, making it brittle and susceptible to cracking. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner and Leather Honey Leather Conditioner provide an excellent, non-toxic, natural option to care for your shark leather, so you can enjoy it for many years. This shark leather conditioner & cleaner combo will ensure that your leather is clean, moisturized and protected.

To care for your shark leather use Leather Honey leather conditioner. Leather Cleaner is easy to use and will not dry or damage your leather. Simply dilute the cleaner and spray a bit of it onto the leather, then wipe away the cleaner along with any grit and grime. Allow the leather to dry before moving on to the conditioning step.

Complete Shark Leather Care

Leather Honey gives you the industry’s best leather conditioner, safe for shark leather, as well. To use this, rub a dab of the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner onto the leather with a lint-free cloth. Allow it to dry for at least two hours, or overnight if possible. This allows the moisturizing leather conditioner to seep deep into the leather. Once dry, wipe off the leather conditioner and enjoy your leather. You can readily use the leather as soon as it is dry and any excess Leather Honey Leather Conditioner has been removed.

How often should you use our leather conditioner & cleaner for shark leather? The answer depends on how much use your shark leather piece gets. The shark leather should be cleaned whenever it gets dirty, and it should be conditioned regularly. At a minimum, use Leather Honey Leather Conditioner two times per year, and more if the piece is used on a regular basis or in a dry climate.

You have invested much into your beautiful shark leather piece. Keep it soft and protected with Leather Honey. Using our leather conditioner and cleaner products, you can provide your shark leather with the moisture it craves, so it will stay beautiful and functional for years to come.

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