Ostrich leather, with its distinct quill pattern, is one of the most unique types of leather on the market. This exotic leather requires proper care to maintain its softness and overall look. The good news is that proper care for ostrich leather is not difficult.

Cleaning Ostrich Leather

Be aware that the oil in your skin can affect ostrich leather. Because of this, cleaning ostrich leather regularly using leather cleaner is a necessity. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is a good choice as an ostrich leather cleaner because it is safe and gentle, yet effective at removing the dirt, grime and oil from the leather.

Before cleaning, gently wipe your ostrich leather with a clean, damp cloth to get any caked on dirt off of your item. Then take Leather Honey ostrich leather cleaner and continue with a test patch - watching it dry to ensure if does not discolor the item. Once dry, dip a lint-free cloth into your leather cleaner and gently wipe down the ostrich leather to clean it. Don't scrub it - gentle wiping should remove most dirt and grime.

Leather Honey's ostrich leather cleaner is a safe, gentle way to clean any ostrich items because it's gentle and non-toxic.

Ostrich Leather Conditioner

Because leather is no longer receiving moisture from the animal, it needs to be conditioned. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner serves well as an ostrich leather conditioner, providing the needed moisture using only non-toxic ingredients that will not damage the leather in any way. Condition regularly to keep your ostrich leather item soft and beautiful.

Perform a small patch test to ensure the ostrich leather conditioner doesn't darken the item. Then, with a lint-free cloth, spread the conditioner softly and evenly across the item. Condition your ostrich leather frequently to keep it well maintained and soft. 

Leather Honey leather conditioner is a great non-toxic option to keep your ostrich leather hydrated and soft.

Complete Leather Care for Ostrich Leather

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When you are not using the item, store it properly. A soft, lint-free cloth bag or some white tissue paper will protect the leather from damage in storage. If you will be storing it for a long period of time, condition it prior to storage to ensure that it has plenty of moisture while it is not in use.

Whether you have a handbag, shoes or belt made from ostrich leather, the right ostrich leather cleaner and ostrich leather conditioner is essential to preserving the look and feel of the leather. Enjoy this exotic leather as part of your wardrobe, and protect it with the help of Leather Honey products.

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