Besides your cellphone, there is only one other item you never leave home without – your wallet. To some people, a wallet may simply be the thing they use to keep their credit cards, cash and drivers license in one place. To many others, however, wallets have a much greater value.

The people who treasure their wallets are most often carrying expensive ones made from leather. Leather material exudes strength, class and flexibility, making it the number one choice for wallets among both women and men.

Leather Cleaner for Your Wallet & More

Make stains and odors disappear (along with dirt, grime, and mildew)!

As wonderful and durable as leather is, it still requires adequate care in order for it to sustain years of good use. The best method to keep your wallet in great shape is regular cleaning followed by thorough conditioning. Cleaning can easily be done with a rag or a sponge that has been moistened with a little soapy water.

The point of cleaning is to rid the leather of any dirt or dust that would block the leather’s pores and interfere with the conditioning process. Once the wallet dries out, Leather Honey can be applied and just like that, the maintenance for a leather wallet is complete.

Conditioner for Leather Wallets

Hydrate old, worn-out leather with this best-selling leather wallet conditioner

With regular applications of Leather Honey, wallet owners can add years of use to their wallets. The formula penetrates into the pores of leather, giving it the exact amount of moisture it needs to replenish its shine and restore its flexibility. One look at the wallet after a Leather Honey treatment quickly reminds the owner why they bought the wallet in the first place.

A pint of Leather Honey can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a good leather wallet. Based on previous customer experiences; however, we recommend purchasing a larger bottle.

While a pint-sized bottle is more than enough to keep a wallet in shape for many years, customers usually become so happy with the effect it had on their wallet that they begin using it on other leather items like belts, boots and furniture.

Complete Leather Wallet Care

Our bundles include everything you need

Leather care involves cleaning and conditioning. This two-step process makes caring for your leather simple. Start by wiping away dirt and stains with our gentle, non-toxic cleaner. Then restore the supple feel and protect your leather with our premium conditioner. Your leather wallet will feel great and look even better! With our product bundles, you get our Leather Honey premium conditioner, Leather Honey gentle cleaner, and 2 application cloths.

Leather Honey is a family business that was started in 1968. Our products are hand bottled and shipped in the USA. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

What Our Customers Say

I was on the verge of throwing my jacket away because it was so scuffed and ragged. Even worse was how it felt - the once buttery leather now felt like cheap vinyl. I had just resigned myself to buying a new one when I discovered Leather Honey. Absolutely amazing! While it didn't repair some of the deeper scuffs (as I magically hoped it would), it dramatically improved my jacket. It feels like its old self again. Next up, shoes and belts and maybe even my wallet..."


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