Leather Honey versus Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer

People frequently ask us how Leather Honey Leather Conditioner compares to competitor products, or why they should choose our product over the competition. We love this question because it has an easy answer! In fact, it has a whole list of easy answers.

We have a deep history in the leather care business, but we also have a deep history with leather — we use leather on our family farm in a whole host of ways, from tack and saddles for our horses to leather dog collars to leather furniture, car seats and jackets. Over the years, we’ve tested the competition extensively, and nothing has come close to our time-tested formula. Newer products just can’t compare to what our grandfather created back in 1968. We’ve never strayed from his original formula, because we’ve never had to: There’s no room for improvement here. It’s the best leather conditioner on the market, and we’re confident it always will be.

Note: Trinova was formerly Leather Nova.

Use this table to compare Leather Honey to Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer:

Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer

  • Water repellent
  • Unscented
  • Contains no animal products
  • Contains no wax
  • Non-toxic
  • (Made of synthetic polymers)
  • (Recommended treating monthly)
  • Made in the USA
  • (365 days)
  • (Only on orders of $35 or more)
  • Family-owned business

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Our customers — and repeat customers — say it best: Both Leather Honey Leather Conditioner and Leather Honey Leather Cleaner have been the best-selling leather care products on Amazon for years.

Now, a word about what you should look for in a leather conditioner:

What you don’t put on your leather is every bit as important as what you do. When shopping for a leather conditioner, we recommend avoiding products that contain waxes, silicone or animal products (we’re looking at you, neatsfoot oil and mink oil). These ingredients damage the leather over time.

Then look at how often the product should be applied: A single treatment of Leather Honey lasts six months or longer; that’s often not so of competitor products, which may recommend treating your leather once a month. A need for frequent applications mean the product isn’t working as it should, which wastes your time and money.

Finally, we want to remind you that conditioning your leather is just one part of the care it needs: We recommend cleaning as needed with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt and grime from building up on the surface of your leather.

Want to know more about Leather Honey?

Our customers say it best. Here are some recent Amazon.com testimonials:

I've used this product on both military issued and civilian footwear. You just cannot beat it for conditioning and protection. It's one of those "must use" products.

I have never done a review on my hundreds of previous purchases. I am doing this review because the product, Leather Honey Cleaner and Leather Honey Conditioner are amazing products. I have a saddle that belonged to my father, around 65 years old. I display the saddle in my home, and due to age, environment, etcetera, and the leather was showing signs of chalking and cracking. No more! The cleanser, using a toothbrush, was able to clean very dirty areas of detailed tooling of the leather. Put it on, scrub a bit, wipe it off with clean rag, that simple! The conditioner is very simple to use. Apply to a clean rag, and wipe down the leather. It goes on very shiny, and instruction noted to leave it on wet. The next day you wipe off any excess that did not absorb into the leather. Easy to use, and the results are beyond impressive! Absolutely amazing product!

THIS is AMAZING!!! I put it on my newly purchased Lily Jade bag, and let it soak overnight....wipe the excess off and my bag is even MORE gorgeous than it was before conditioning! I will definitely be ordering more in the future!


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