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#1 Best-Selling Leather Care Product on Amazon!

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Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey™

Caring for your leather keeps it supple and looking good.
Amazon #1 Best Seller in Leather Care Products

  • Does your favorite leather item look worn or dried out?
  • Do you have new leather that is stiff or in need of weather protection?
  • How can you remove dirt, oils, stains and grime from your leather?

Leather Honey is the answer!

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The original Leather Honey formula was developed by our family in 1968. Our time-tested brand has millions of satisfied customers.

#1 Best-Selling Leather Care Product on Amazon

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

Our Customer Testimonials

  • We are completely amazed at how well the Leather Honey works. We just inherited a Lane aniline leather sofa and love seat from a family member. They were in great condition except for the unsightly faded leather. We were blown away at the results, the leather was faded so badly I honestly thought there was no way to restore this without professional help. It’s amazing! We are beyond pleased and more than satisfied.

    ~ Ken

  • I am a big supporter of small family businesses, and this just confirms my choice! I went to several other sites and discussion groups, but what made me choose Leather Honey was the extensive list of testimonials and “before” and “after” pictures. I have a huge amount of leather goods, ranging from sneakers to purses to dance club outfits. Not only did Leather Honey restore the luster and flexibility of my older leather pieces, it also made my new pieces softer and more comfortable to wear. Thank for this amazing product; you can be sure that I’m telling all my friends!

    ~ Rachel

Premium Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

Does your favorite leather piece look worn, dry, or brittle? Do you have a new leather item that is too stiff or in need of weather protection? Leather Honey has the answer!

Since 1968, master leather craftsmen and individuals alike have been relying on Leather Honey, the premium leather conditioner, to condition used leather and protect new leather.  Uniquely formulated to penetrate deep into the pores of the leather, Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is designed to bring out the best in your favorite leather – from classic equestrian items to furniture, automobiles, shoes, apparel, wallets and more. And we do it without the use of any animal products, silicone, toxins, solvents, or other harmful chemicals.

Our long-lasting formula means one application lasts six months or longer — other less-effective products require application once a month. Leather Honey penetrates deep into the leather, hydrating the individual fibers from the inside out. Other products merely sit on the surface, creating a superficial conditioned appearance that requires frequent applications.

Don’t just take our word for it — Leather Honey is the #1 best-selling leather care product on Amazon.com, with over 2600 five-star reviews.

Sold by the same family that invented the product over 45 years ago, both Leather Honey Leather Conditioner and our Leather Honey Leather Cleaner are proudly Made in the USA.

What Sets Us Apart

 #1 Best-Seller

Leather Honey's Leather Conditioner is the #1 best-selling leather care product on Amazon, three years running.

 Great for All Leather

Our leather conditioner works on all types of leather (except suede), new and old.

 Made in the U.S.A.

Our products are manufactured and hand-bottled in the US.


Leather Honey was invented in 1968, almost 50 years ago.

 Better Formula

Leather Honey is non-toxic, non-solvent, not sticky, has no odor and does not contain silicone.

 We Are a Family Company

Leather Honey is still produced by the family that invented the formula almost 50 years ago.

Why is it Important to be Chemical Free?

Leather is always in contact with our skin – we wear it, sit on it, and even sleep on it. Adding toxins to your leather care products puts you at risk for developing irritations or sickness – and that’s something we’re just not willing to do.

Our leather conditioner is an original family recipe, developed in 1968. Almost 50 years later, the same formula continues to be sold by our family today, and it features only the highest-quality, premium ingredients. Call us old-fashioned, but we think that’s the right way to do it…and we’re never changing our ways.

We’ve helped thousands of people condition, protect and re-energize their leather items…and we can help you too.

Committed to Quality: The Leather Honey Way

For almost 50 years there’s been a consistent, strong following for our product in the leather-dependent equestrian community, and over time Leather Honey’s reputation has organically spread into more mainstream leather markets.

How does it work?

Leather Honey soaks into leather’s pores, hydrating the individual fibers of the leather and providing a water-repellent barrier that prolongs its life. It adds moisture and flexibility to both dry, cracking leather and stiff new leather – effectively softening and improving its look and feel.

Purchase a bottle of Leather Honey today, and see the difference that our all-natural leather conditioner can make for your leather items.

Leather Honey is the #1 BEST-SELLING Leather Care Product on Amazon


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