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Leather Honey used to be called Harness Honey, a brand that was widely known in the equestrian community for its ability to revitalize and protect horse tack and supplies. In 1972, we began using our conditioner on the harnesses, saddles, and other equipment that we used for our own farm-bred draft horses. We were astonished by how well the conditioner soaked into the leather and transformed the aged and heavily-used equipment back to a like-new condition! Then we began selling it to other horse enthusiasts.

Our leather conditioning and cleaning products are used to treat a variety of leather riding accessories including:

  • Reins
  • Saddles
  • Riding Boots
  • Whips
  • Bridles
  • Halters
  • Chaps
  • Gloves

Our advice is to clean your saddle after each ride and condition the leather every few months to nourish your saddle's leather and to prevent drying and cracking. This is the best way to keep your leather pliable yet strong. Compare Leather Honey and Saddle Soap to see how our product stacks up against this commonly used cleaning agent.

Get more tips on how to clean and condition saddles and other horse tack.

Leather Tack Conditioner

Rejuvenate old, worn leather with our best-selling leather conditioner

leather-conditioner-product-siloAmazon #1 Best Seller Leather Care ProductWe know that riding equipment can be expensive. Leather Honey conditioner can help reduce these costs by restoring used equestrian equipment or ensuring the durability of new equipment. To keep your leather accessories looking and feeling like new, we recommend applying Leather Honey before they begin to show wear and tear. Regular use of our premium leather conditioner will help you restore and protect your favorite riding gear to ensure quality riding for many years to come!

To condition: use a lint-free application cloth to rub an even, thin layer of conditioner onto the leather. Let the item rest for at least 2 hours while the conditioner soaks in. Then wipe off any excess product and you are ready to go. Regular conditioning (about every 6 months) will restore moisture and make your leather horse gear supple again. (Be sure to test Leather Honey on a small area first. In some cases, Leather Honey may slightly deepen the shade of the leather, though the original color typically returns over time.)

Leather Cleaner for Tack

Gently clean dirt and grime from your leather before applying our conditioner

leather-cleaner-product-siloLeather saddles can be subjected to a lot of use, bridles and reins can get muddy and grimy, and your riding boots and gloves can get stained. Our all-natural cleaner works on all types of leather (except suede) to remove stains and grime while restoring the beauty of your leather. Plus it is free of toxic chemicals and drying agents. We always recommend wiping leather down with leather cleaner before using our conditioner so you get clean and moisturized leather.

Complete Leather Tack Care

Leather Honey product bundles include everything you need

The best leather cleaner and conditioner for saddles, bridles, reins, etc. can be purchased as a set! Our product bundles include our conditioner, cleaner, and application cloths. Save money when you do the cleaning and conditioning yourself with great products that provide results!

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We changed the name in 2010 to reflect the product’s wide range of uses – from leather car interiors to shoes and boots to leather couches and chairs. Despite the name change from Harness Honey to Leather Honey, we are still committed to the equestrian community because we share a love of horses — in fact, our conditioner is hand-bottled on our family horse farm to this day. We understand that proper maintenance of equipment is essential for the health and safety of your horses, as well as your own comfort when riding.

Our customers like to talk about the dramatic improvement our products have performed on their leather items, including horse supplies. These reviews are on our site and also over on Amazon.

My wife and I recently moved here from Northern Vermont. All the great horse loggers of the Northeast kingdom of Vermont use Leather Honey religiously, and it has been highly recommended for leather boot waterproofing.

~ John Davidson, Fairbanks, Alaska

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Leather Honey is the #1 BEST-SELLING Leather Care Product on Amazon


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