Make Your Old Car Look New & Restore Leather Car Seats

Our cars are something we should all take great pride in. Most of us spend hours a week driving back and forth from work and running errands, so having a nice, clean and shiny car is important. Regularly washing your car entails more than just filling a bucket with soapy water and washing down the exterior with a scrub brush and hose.

While that is a critical step to maintaining a clean car, it’s always important to go the extra mile and add some wax.


Wax does a lot more than just make your car look shiny. It also serves as a protective layer, shielding the surface of the car from harmful outside elements like dirt, stones, bird droppings, etc. Wax also helps maintain the paint color and can even improve the car’s resale value.

Leather Car Seat Cleaning

With regular washing and waxing, car owners can keep their cars looking like new even after the 100k-mile mark. It is just as important, however, for regular interior cleanings as well. There is nothing more refreshing than taking a ride in a nice clean car. Interior cleaning includes vacuuming the seats and carpets, wiping down the dashboard, cleaning out cup holders and even sanitizing the steering wheel.

Interior Car Leather Cleaning

Interior car cleaning has a similar step as waxing — the process is referred to as conditioning when the car has leather seats. Applying leather conditioner to car seats helps keep dirt, dust, moisture and dry air from penetrating the leather, which eventually causes it to dry out and crack.

Preventing Scratches with Leather Conditioner

Waxing prevents scratches on the car’s exterior and leather conditioning prevents scratches and tears on the interior. It also helps with leather restoration. The steps are simple and inexpensive ways to avoid potentially having to pay a high repair bill. Depending on how large a scratch on the exterior is, a professional body shop may charge up to several hundreds of dollars for repair work. The same is true for an interior fix.

A small tear in a leather seat is not something that should be ignored. As time goes by, more pressure will be added to the seat and the weight will eventually cause the tear to spread. If the tear reaches a certain length, the entire seat may just have to be reupholstered. This can cost as much as $300 for a single seat!

Use the Best Leather Conditioner for Cars

Using the best car leather conditioner like Leather Honey approximately once a month can keep the leather strong and durable. Car owners who do this often avoid the body shop and save on interior repairs. The formula is applied after the seats have been wiped down with a wet rag and a small amount of soap. Once the seats dry, the Leather Honey is applied with a soft brush or piece of cloth. The formula deeply penetrates into the leather, giving the seats the exact amount of moisture needed to restore shine and increase flexibility.

Drying Time

Leather Honey car leather conditioner takes a few hours to dry. Once it does, the look and feel of the seats will have completely transformed. Not only does Leather Honey add a like-new finish to the seats, but they also feel smoother and stronger.

Apply the filler to the leather using a palette knife in a thin layer continuously until the hole levels up to the leather surface, then let it dry. If the leather damage needs a patch, apply a considerable amount of adhesive to the edges of the patch, and stick it to the leather canvas.

A car wash entails so much more than soapy water and a vacuum. The best way to keep your car looking like new is to find a great wax product (many great brands are available on Amazon and at local hardware shops) and stock up on Leather Honey. These small investments will pay off substantially in the long run.


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