Leather Honey versus Chemical Guys Leather Care

One common question we receive is how does Leather Honey Leather Cleaner and Conditioner compare to other brands of leather care products, like Chemical Guys. The simplest answer is it doesn’t. We did our research and learned that other competitor brands simply can’t stack up. The way Leather Honey conditions and restores leather is simply unmatched.

That’s in large part due to our formula, which was created by our grandfather in 1968 and never changed. What does that mean for you? It’s free of some of today’s harmful chemicals. Leather Honey is non-toxic. Our leather cleaner and leather conditioners are safe for all leather including leather furniture, car seats and other items that come in regular contact with those you love like kids and pets.

Our overall philosophy that what isn’t in your leather conditioner is every bit as important as what is. Unlike many of our competitors, Leather Honey is free of animal products, waxes and silicone. The rich, deep conditioning ingredients in Leather Honey leather conditioner means the conditioner only needs to be applied once every six months! Competitor products often recommend applications at least ever single month but often more. We think that’s a waste of your time and money.

Here’s how Leather Honey compares to Chemical Guys Leather Care:

Chemical Guys Leather Care

  • Water repellent
  • Unscented
  • Contains no animal products
  • Contains no wax
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains no silicone
  • Treatment lasts six months or longer
  • Made in the USA
  • Unlimited 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Family-owned business

Remember that leather care requires both leather cleaning and conditioning. While you can condition with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner just once every six months, we recommend cleaning as needed with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt and grime from building up on the surface of your leather.

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Our customers — and repeat customers — say it best: Both Leather Honey Leather Conditioner and Leather Honey Leather Cleaner have been the best-selling leather care products on Amazon for years. 

Want to know more about Leather Honey?

Our customers say it best. Here are some recent Amazon.com testimonials:

Leather Honey is a super thick, goopy leather restorer that will make your ten-year-old leather furniture look good as new. It is by far the most effective leather restorer I have ever tried -- it added a nice, supple glow to my leather furniture. you don't need much at all. I used about about a third of the bottle to treat a dried out sofa, two love seats, a large chair and an ottoman -- and I think I used too much.

The last sofa I treated by wiping it with the cloth with the residue from other furniture I treated. The instructions say to allow at least two hours to dry. I would allow more time, if possible. I let the sofas sit for two days, and there was still some residue to wipe down. Because Leather Honey is so thick and goopy, it is not as easy to use as something you just spray on and wipe off. But it works so much better. If you want a treatment that makes a difference in bringing tired leather back to life, this is exactly what you need.

Our couch had never been conditioned before, but it was starting to show some wear on the most used seats. I wanted to try this to see if the couch could be improved.

Instead of a cloth, I used rubber gloves to apply, pouring a quarter size at a time, rubbing my fingers together to spread, then rubbing it into the couch. The areas with the least amount of use soaked it in quickly and looked great. The areas with lots of use- it went on splotchy, even though I applied it the same. I had to go back the next day and do another thick coat on those areas, so it could have the same even color. I had to wipe everything down 24 hours later to take off the excess, but it was not too bad. Overall I like it. Oh, and I believe my couch to be bonded leather, so this works on bonded leather to keep it supple to make it last longer.

One bottle covered the entire front part of the couch (front of backs, seats, armrests, and down the front foot area. I had to purchase a second bottle to take care of the back. The second bottle I ordered was delivered empty, as it leaked during transit, so I returned and bought another.

Used this on my new Ram Rebel (black leather interior)--Wow! Even though my truck is only a year old, this product really brought out the deep "wet" rich look of my black leather interior. It goes on very easily and has no scent to speak of. It is important to note though, give yourself some time if you're going to do it... It needs time to absorb.

After about two to three hours just take a nice micro fiber cloth and give it a good wipe down and further massage it in and there will be no residue nor need to worry about staining your clothes or your guest's clothes upon contact. You will be left with a "brand new" clean look. I would think this is a "once a year" kind of product so a little will last a long time. 5 Stars here- without question.

I had a pair of dressy leather gloves from the 1970's that I had not worn in many years, hands too arthritic, etc. I have a great niece who loves vintage things, so for her birthday gift, I envisioned these gloves along with a vintage glove box pyrographed by my great aunt. The gloves were very dry and stiff, sorry looking things.

I started out easy with the warmed up Leather Honey application with cloth. Before I was done, I gave up the cloth & put a little right onto the leather, then got my hands in there, rubbing it into the leather, and as it softened up, more like a massage, especially over wrinkled areas to hopefully smooth them out some. I know the directions did not mention doing this, but I had some sort of notion that hands on would be better. I used 3 applications, 4th in some places. One can still tell the gloves are old, but the wrinkles more gentle ones, folds gentle ones now, and they feel like butter they are so soft and pliable. I am so pleased with what Leather Honey did for them, and just know she is going to love them!


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