Genuine leather purses are expensive, but it's easy to justify the purchase because they last a long time — the quality is unmatched by synthetic/faux leather. If you've recently purchased an expensive leather purse, we're sure you want it to look great and last as long as possible. Well, Leather Honey Leather Cleaner and Leather Honey Leather Conditioner can make that happen.

Cleaning a Leather Purse in 5 Steps

  1. Remove Debris. The first step when cleaning a leather purse is to remove all the items that are inside the purse. If there is a lining, turn it inside out and use a lint brush to remove tiny bits of dirt, hair and more. 
  2. Spot Test. Once you have removed all the items inside the leather purse, it's time to spot test Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. Simply dab a small amount of the cleaner on a discreet location to make sure there are no adverse reactions. Leather Honey is formulated to work on all sorts of leather, so don't worry. This is simply the "better safe than sorry" step of cleaning your leather purse.
  3. Apply the Cleaner. Once you're satisfied with the spot test, go ahead and apply Leather Honey Leather Cleaner in a thin, even coat. Make sure you get every inch, paying special attention to the cracks and crevices that genuine leather generates naturally. If you want an extra layer of protection for your leather purse, consider using Leather Honey Leather Cleaner with UV Protectant
  4. Allow the Purse to Dry. Give the leather purse some time to fully dry before you use it. We recommend waiting a full 24 hours if possible.
  5. Condition the Purse. After the leather purse is dry, it's time to condition it. Use Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to make sure it has plenty of moisture. This step will ensure your leather purse will last as long as possible.

How to Remove Stains From a Leather Purse

Most stains will come out of your purse by using Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. However, if your leather purse has an ink stain, you should try a different method. That's because our cleaner is formulated to not remove dye from your leather. Instead of using our (amazing) cleaner, try first soaking up the stain using a lint-free cloth or rag. After the ink is soaked up, use a mild soap and water to clean the stain. A Magic Eraser is also another good option. 

More to Know About Cleaning a Leather Purse

Some common questions people have about how to clean a leather purse.

What is the best way to clean a leather purse?

The best way to clean a leather purse is to use a premade leather cleaner, like Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. If you use a household product you run the risk of ruining the leather purse.

What home remedy can I use to clean a leather purse?

You should avoid household products when cleaning a leather purse. They might work in the short-term, but eventually they will ruin your leather. 

How do you clean a leather purse without damaging it?

The best way to clean a leather purse is to use a premade leather cleaner. And don't forget to condition it with a pregame leather conditioner. 


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