Leather Care Wipes (10 Pack)

Leather Cleaner Wipes: Pack of 10 Individually Foil Wrapped


Cleaner and conditioner wipes! Combination package contains 5 conditioning wipes and 5 textured cleaning wipes — everything you need to quickly and easily clean and condition your leather. Our thick, two-sided durable towelettes are infused with the perfect amount of our trusted, non-toxic leather conditioner or leather cleaner formulas. Our leather cleaning wipes have a unique raised texture to enhance performance and quickly lift away dirt.

Individually packaged wipes won’t dry out like other brands and can be used to clean and condition all leather but suede. Quickly restore leather car seats, leather furniture, leather jackets, shoes and more. Cleaning wipes can also be used on faux leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber. Keep your leather looking new with Leather Honey’s leather care wipes!

Our trusted gentle and effective leather cleaner formula, already infused into 10 durable, two-sided, convenient towelettes. Quickly clean and restore all leather items, including car seats, leather jackets and coats, shoes, leather furniture and more. Like our leather cleaner, these leather cleaning wipes are also for use on vinyl, plastic, rubber and faux leather.

Unlike other brands, Leather Honey’s cleaning wipes are individually packaged to ensure they won’t dry out. The thick, premium wipes have a unique texture that quickly and effectively deep cleans any leather item. Keep these easy-to-use wipes in your car to use on the go, or throw a wipe in your bag to quickly remove unexpected stains before they set. Our non-toxic formula keeps your leather looking like new.

Our time-tested, premium leather conditioner, conveniently infused into 10 durable, two-sided conditioning wipes to keep your leather looking new. Quickly restore, soften and protect all types and colors of leather but suede, including car seats, couches and furniture, wallets, handbags, boots, jackets and more. Unlike other brands, each wipe is individually packaged to ensure they won’t dry out.

Leather needs to be conditioned regularly to maintain its soft, supple feel and prevent dryness. Leather Honey’s thick, premium wipes allow you to quickly and conveniently apply our rich, non-toxic leather conditioner to any leather item in minutes. Protect, restore and extend the life of your favorite leather items with our leather care wipes.

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#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  

#1 Best-selling leather care products on Amazon.  


Individually wrapped.

Cleans and restores.

Using our leather care wipes

  1. Gently wipe the surface of leather with leather cleaner wipe, concentrating on soiled areas.
  2. Allow leather to dry completely after cleaning.
  3. Wipe dry leather with leather conditioner wipe in a thin, even layer. Allow a minimum of 2 hours for the leather conditioner to absorb (preferably overnight). Reapply if necessary.

Frequently asked questions about our leather care wipes

  1. Do the wipes have the same Leather Honey formulas? Yes! Our leather cleaner and leather conditioner wipes use the exact same formulas we bottle as leather conditioner and leather cleaner — the only difference is we've applied those formulas to our durable, two-sided towelettes for your convenience! Our leather cleaner wipe is also textured to provide gentle deep cleaning power.
  2. Are Leather Honey's formulas natural? Leather Honey leather cleaner and Leather Honey leather conditioner are both non-toxic and gentle, and free of harmful chemicals and common allergens, including nut and seed oils and animal products (including honey). All of our products are safe for families, children and pets.
  3. What type of leather can be cleaned and conditioned with Leather Honey's wipes? All types of leather but suede can be cleaned and conditioned with our leather cleaner and leather conditioner wipes. Plus, our leather cleaner wipes can also be used to clean faux leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic. (Please only use the leather conditioner on genuine leather!)


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