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  • What’s The Best Way To Care For Nice Men’s Leather Dress Shoes?

    Leather dress shoes are a staple of the modern man’s wardrobe. They complete a suit, can be worn with casual business attire and can be a choice for dress events of all types. Proper care is required to ensure that your leather dress shoes remain a valuable part of your wardrobe for years to come. Here’s how you can care for your leather dress shoes.

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    Leather Moisturizer And How Leather Honey Can Help

    Have you ever noticed what happens to your skin when it does not have enough moisture? Dry, chapped skin begins to crack and peel. How do you solve this problem? Typically adding some moisture in the form of lotion is the answer.

    Leather acts in the same way — it is guaranteed to get dry without proper moisture. Why is this? Because leather, at its most basic level, is skin from an animal. Since the animal is no longer contributing natural oils to the leather, the hide will eventually get dry. When that happens, you can expect to see it cracking, breaking and becoming brittle. Dry leather also loses some of its richness and color. If left without moisture, leather will eventually deteriorate to the point that it is no longer usable.

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    Testimonial: Jerry Hawkins

    I just wanted to let you know that your leather cleaner and conditioner products were more than you promised. My leather chair which had not been cleaned or conditioned in 8 years or more was loosing its coloring, cracking, and was turning black from all the body oils. Now that is terrible – even to write about.

    But i worked on the chair for one week applying one thin coat of cleaner at a time – 3 times cleaned!!! Then the conditioner was a labor of love as i could see the transformation that was taking place. Stunning results.

    The most dramatic part of the process was the soft feel being restored to the leather. This is a hancock+ moore leather chair. When i bought it i never knew what the right protocol was for cleaning and conditioning leather. I do now!!! You should partner up with hancock + moore—they need you.

    Jerry hawkins

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    Testimonial: One Very Satisfied Customer

    This product was introduced in our family by my grandfather many years ago. I lost touch with the product for many years due to items purchased that were not leather. We bought some wonderful leather chairs that are beautiful but were difficult to maintain. They started to crack badly and nothing I used helped! Then I remembered days of old and wondered if your product was still on the market. What a joy and complete satisfaction to know that leather honey hasn’t change over the years. My leather chairs had terrible cracks, after my first application I saw great improvements. The second application did the job, they look brand new and have received many complements.

    Thank you.
    One very satisfied customer

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    Testimonial: Leather Couch & Love Seat

    “It’s been great. I have attached some before and after pictures. These only have one coat thus far, the black chair will require several from the damage by my schnauzer.”

    Leather Chair After Cleaner
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    Client Testimonial ~ Barry


    I did receive the product and I am beyond pleased with the results. My father in law flew a B-26 Bomber in WW2 over North Africa against Rommel. He was a decorated ace and true hero. He wore a leather flight suit, shearling lined. All their missions were at night. He said they lost 20% of the planes on a monthly basis. He was there for two years of his life. How he survived he said was a miracle indeed. One day while surfing EBAY I saw and bid on a flight jacket complete with hood just like the one he wore. I won the coat and waited with much anticipation to see the real condition it was in. It was faded, very dry but in very good condition to be at least 70 years old, maybe 80 now.

    The first bottle of Leather Honey I applied it took almost 3/4 of the bottle, just like u said it would! I read the testimonials and believed what they had written. Your product is crystal clear and does have to be painted on, gooey just like honey. It darkened the jacket, as I expected but one week later it lightened back up, maybe 50%. The leather was soft, supple, and no oily or sticky feeling. The jacket seemed to be saying THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    A good deal of the distressed look has returned, with lights and darks, and for sure someone wore this coat many times. I applied the second coat about a week later with truly remarkable results, AGAIN! I feel that I have preserved it for many more years and plan to wear it many times to honor him. I have used many products like mink oil, saddle soap etc over the years on saddles, bridals, boots, belts. LEATHER HONEY IS BY FAR THE WINNER IN PUTTING MOISTURE BACK INTO OLD LEATHER AND RESTORING THE LEATHER. Now I am searching through my closets digging out my old baseball glove and anything else of leather I want to preserve. I wish you and your family much success and feel proud to brag about your product online. Please feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial for your product.

    Best regards,

    ~ Barry

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    Leather Cleaner for Expensive Purses

    Expensive purses, designer handbags and other leather items can hold incredible sentimental value on top of their high monetary value (and your personal effects they physically hold). Designer bags are expensive items that you’ve spent your hard-earned money on, so you want to ensure that they stay looking like new and in the best condition for as long as possible. By giving the proper care and attention to leather care for purses, you can ensure many years of style and enjoyment as well as practical use.


    Proper leather care for purses involves cleaning, conditioning and storing. Just like with all leather items, good leather cleaner and leather conditioner products can ensure a clean look as well as durability against the elements, not just for your designer bags but for your leather apparel and shoes, as well. Leather care for purses can really extend to any expensive leather item you own.


    When it comes to cleaning your expensive purse, household cleaning supplies and chemicals are to be avoided at all costs. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for your leather items — not just designer handbags, but also shoes, sandals, jackets, coats, pants, boots and hats. Once you’ve used leather cleaner to clean your purse, then condition it with leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and moist, and to reduce the risk of cracking.


    Leather conditioners, especially Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, can even be used to restore old purses and handbags. By replenishing the natural oils of leather, leather conditioner makes used leather purses look like new again. Leather conditioners will also help decrease the noticeability of any scratches or marks from wear and tear.


    Make sure you store your expensive handbags in dry, clean environments. A dust cover is a good idea as well, because it keeps dust out of your leather bag, ensuring that it doesn’t fade. With proper storage and the preventative care tactic of leather conditioning, your purses will remain durable and functional for a long time. With the proper focus on leather care for purses, you can also keep your designer leather handbags and purses looking brand new.

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    Leather Cleaner, A Girl’s Best Friend

    Leather cleaners can clean a large variety of leathers, and aren’t just limited to equestrian equipment, furniture or leather shoes and handbags. If you’re looking for a leather cleaner and leather conditioner to clean and condition your collection of items that are made of exotic leathers, you want an exotic leather conditioner and cleaner that can penetrate, clean and condition even the most rare types of leather.


    Purses, shoes, belts and wallets, among other items, can be made from all kinds of exotic leathers. Items made from alligator or crocodile skin, snake skin, moose leather or ostrich leather, even caiman, pig and toad leather, still need to be properly cared for, cleaned and conditioned. Cleaning and conditioning your exotic leather means that it will last longer and look better, which can be essential to getting the most for your money. Many times, these items are expensive.


    An exotic leather cleaner and exotic leather conditioner can bring out a stunning, glossy sheen, in addition to allowing the natural colors of your exotic leather to shine through. To protect these natural colors from fading, the usage of exotic leather cleaner and exotic leather conditioner brings back the natural oils, moisturizing and conditioning. In keeping your exotic leather moisturized, leather conditioners and cleaners also ensure flexibility and durability to protect from cracks, tears and creases.


    If you have old exotic leather items, a few coats of exotic leather conditioner can restore them to their original color and condition. Restoring exotic leather items means you can make use of old items by bringing them back to their original glory.


    All types of leathers need to remain moisturized to ensure that they last and are flexible to protect from cracks and fading. With regular cleaning and conditioning with exotic leather cleaner and exotic leather conditioner, you can protect your exotic leather items from aging while cleaning or restoring them. With regular cleaning and conditioning, even the exotic leathers from buffalo, ostrich, sheep, sharks or lizards can shine like they’re meant to shine, and last for a much longer time.

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    How Horse Enthusiasts Use Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner

    The saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment a horse enthusiast invests in. Most saddles spend hours on the back of a horse during the day, and then much more time in storage. If saddles, tack and other leather items aren’t properly cleaned, conditioned and stored, it can lead to moldy, dried or cracked leather with rips, tears and damage to the internal structure.


    As a result, the maintenance and cleaning of horse saddles and horse tack is of the utmost importance to horse enthusiasts. Through the use of leather cleaner and leather conditioner for saddles, horse enthusiasts can thoroughly and regularly clean and condition their leather items, ensuring durability and longevity. Leather conditioner for saddles can even be used to restore heavily used, scratched or marked leather items.


    Leather cleaner and leather conditioner are perfect for treating your reins, saddles, gloves and riding boots. In addition, your whips, bridles, halters and chaps can also be cleaned, conditioned or restored with leather cleaner and leather conditioner for saddles. Restoring used riding gear provides drastic improvement in the flexibility and durability of the leather by restoring its natural oils.


    Proper maintenance is crucial and riding equipment can be expensive. However, leather cleaner and leather conditioner not only ensure longevity, they also keep your horses as safe and comfortable as possible during riding. Cracked and dry leather can lead to rubbing and chafing on the back of your horse. Keeping leather soft and flexible, or restoring it to a soft and flexible, like-new state is possible by regularly cleaning and conditioning leather riding gear.


    Typically, leather items are cleaned first, and then leather conditioner is applied to do its work over a longer period of time. Regular cleaning and conditioning as needed is crucial to extending the life of leather riding equipment, enhancing durability and flexibility as well as giving it a clean and high-quality appearance. Essentially, leather cleaner and leather conditioner for saddles can keep them looking clean and new, as well as ensuring that they last longer.

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    To Clean or Condition First?

    You spend so much money and so much time on your leather saddle, it makes sense that you spend just as much effort on cleaning and maintenance for your saddle and the rest of your leather items. Dry leather can actually have harmful effects on your horse. Due to chafing and rubbing from dry, stiff leather, saddles that aren’t properly taken care of can create raw spots on your horse. It is essential for you and your horse that you make sure your leather is completely pliable. How can you protect your leather items from oxidation, chemical damage, internal wear or breaking fibers and abrasion?


    Most people turn to leather cleaners and conditioners, absolute must-haves when it comes to the upkeep of your saddles and other leather items. Using leather cleaner and leather conditioner is a simple enough process, something that anyone can become highly competent in with a bit of practice. However, there is some question as to whether, when cleaning your leather items, which item should be used first.


    As leather cleaning and conditioning experts, we suggest using Leather Honey Leather Cleaner to clean your leather items thoroughly before using Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. Cleaning your items after conditioning could cause a few problems — most notably your leather will begin to dry out again. The leather conditioner is meant to be absorbed so it can restore the flexibility in the fibers, and sometimes it needs more than one coat and must sit overnight. Cleaning immediately after conditioning limits the amount of conditioner that can be absorbed. It is OK, however, to use a bit of leather cleaner to remove excess conditioner — but only after you have already performed a deep clean, conditioning, and allowed the conditioner ample time to absorb. We recommend 24 hours.


    Cleaning and then conditioning your leather saddle and other items is essential to ensuring their longevity, flexibility and durability, as well as the well-being of your horse. Conditioning helps preserve the natural oils and moisture in leather, meaning you won’t have to replace your saddle nearly as frequently as you would if you neglected maintenance. Cleaning and conditioning your leather items regularly means your items are protected and your horse is happy.

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