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Leather Cleaner for Leather Shoes and Boots
Your leather boots or leather shoes are probably the dirtiest pieces of leather you have in your home. Because these items are in contact with the ground, where dirt lives, they need to be cleaned regularly. Leather Honey is pleased to announce the addition of a gentle, effective leather cleaner to ...
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How to Use Leather Care Products In Cars
If you have leather seats in your car, you want to make sure you can keep them clean and looking as good as new. Leather seats are durable, but you will still want to properly care for them — failing to do so can ruin them completely. Here’s how to keep your leather in like-new condition: View more
Leather is a durable upholstery option chosen for its comfort, style and longevity. Yet without the proper care, leather often gets worked and cracked before its time. If you have a leather item you have been storing for a while that looks dry, brittle and worn, don't worry. You have options to help ...
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Preventing and Cleaning Pet Stains on Leather
No matter how careful you are, if you have pets and leather upholstery, you will get the occasional stain or bad odor. Even the best trained pet may get unexpectedly sick on your leather couch or decide to leave his mark on your favorite leather chair. Take them in the car and you have a recipe for ...
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What’s The Best Way To Care For Nice Men’s Leather Dress Shoes?
Leather dress shoes are a staple of the modern man's wardrobe. They complete a suit, can be worn with casual business attire and can be a choice for dress events of all types. Proper care is required to ensure that your leather dress shoes remain a valuable part of your wardrobe for years to come. H ...
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Leather Maintenance Myths & Care Tips
There are several claims for leather cleaning and conditioning solutions that are simply untrue -- yet they continue to spread either by word of mouth or through internet searches.We at Leather Honey are experts on leather care and we’re  here to tell you that many of these claims are not only in ...
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Cleaning Leather Furniture Naturally With Leather Honey Leather Cleaner
If you own leather furniture, one of the most important things you can do to keep the furniture looking its best is to keep it clean. The cleaning methods used for other upholstery types could easily damage your leather. Instead, you need a natural leather cleaner that will gently clean the surface ...
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How Horse Enthusiasts Use Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner
The saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment a horse enthusiast invests in. Most saddles spend hours on the back of a horse during the day, and then much more time in storage. If saddles, tack and other leather items aren’t properly cleaned, conditioned and stored, it can lead to mo ...
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How to Remove Scratches from Leather
Despite your best efforts to protect your leather, your valuable and heavily-used leather apparel and furniture can be damaged. While the unsightly blemish of a scratch may seem permanent, many scratches in leather can be fixed or at the very least diminished. Leather is a very versatile and re ...
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How To Use Leather Care Products On Horse Tack
Cleaning horse tack is an important part of riding and caring for your horse. Cleaning the saddles helps to prolong their lives by keeping them from becoming brittle or cracking. There are some things you will want to do on a regular basis and others that you will want to do on occasion. L ...
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