All Natural Ingredient Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

While we cannot tell you what is in Leather Honey Leather Conditioner or Cleaner (it’s a closely-guarded family secret!), we can tell you what is not in it – any sort of toxic ingredients.

Chemicals have a tendency of doing more harm than good and we decided at the very beginning that the health and safety of our customers was too important to risk.   We find it disappointing that many companies out there manufacture various formulas of leather conditioner or leather cleaner without the same approach.

Leather Honey was created many decades ago, before many of these new popular chemicals began to find their way into our homes.  Our high-quality ingredients are still the same today as they were in the 1960s.  Over the years, there have been cheaper but riskier ingredient alternatives that have appeared and we have just simply said – no thanks.  Our non-toxic Leather Honey is perfect just the way it is.

Both people and animals are in regular contact with leather.  We wear it, sit on it, play with it and sleep on it.  This is all direct contact with skin. Does everyone get sick from toxins?  Of course they don’t, everyone reacts differently to that type of exposure.  However, we believe that the risk of even a single person experiencing health problems related to a chemical is too great.

Call us old-fashioned, but that is how seriously we take the quality of our Leather Honey and the integrity of our family-owned business.

Our family recipe and high-quality, premium ingredients make us the number one leather conditioner on the market.  You can trust our product for making your leather look and feel like new.

P.S. Leather Honey is free of animal products, silicone and solvents as well. And you can always buy it here, or at Amazon.

#1 Best-Selling Leather Care Product on Amazon

Leather Honey is the #1 BEST-SELLING Leather Care Product on Amazon