Worn Leather Revival And How Leather Honey Can Help

Leather is a durable material with many excellent uses, but like any material it can get worn down. Also, because leather needs moisture to stay beautiful, without proper care it can become dry and brittle. If you have a leather item you love that has seen better days, do you have any hope of restoring and reviving it for further use? With Leather Honey products, you do.

Start with Clean Leather

If you have worn leather in your home that needs a little TLC, Leather Honey products can help you restore the leather into a beautiful piece you will be proud to use. From clothing to handbags to upholstery, just about anything made out of leather can be cleaned and conditioned with Leather Honey products.

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is the first step in reviving that worn leather. This cleaner removes grit and grime from the surface, so that you can see the beautiful leather shining through again. It’s simple to use — once you have diluted the leather cleaner, add it to a spray bottle. Spray a mist of the cleaner over the leather, then wipe it clean. You will be amazed at the difference this first step makes.

Restore Moisture and Repair Damage with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Once the leather is clean, the real work of restoring it starts. All you need for this is Leather Honey Leather Conditioner and a clean, Lint-Free Application Cloth or Application Brush.

Apply a thin, even coat of the conditioner to the surface of the leather. Once the leather is covered completely, allow it to soak in for at least two hours. Remember, the leather needs a chance to soak up the conditioner in order for it to effectively revive the worn leather. Wipe off any excess conditioner, and allow it to dry completely.

When the leather is dry, you will be surprised at how much of the damage and wear disappears. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner repairs dry leather and can camouflage and restore creases and cracks.

When you are using the leather conditioner, start with a small amount, because a little bit of the conditioner goes a long way. Always test a small area to see if the leather will respond well to the Leather Honey product, because each individual piece will react differently to cleaning and conditioning processes. You can use Leather Honey products with confidence, because they are made from gentle, natural ingredients.

After you have revived your leather, you can keep it beautiful with regular use of Leather Honey products. By cleaning and conditioning your leather regularly, particularly before storing it, you can enjoy a longer life out of all of your leather items.

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