What Defines the “Best Leather Cleaner”

It doesn’t matter if you have a treasured leather wallet or a car filled with leather upholstery — when you’re investing in a product to clean your leather, you want to make sure that it’s the best.  But what defines the “best leather cleaner?” As you shop for leather cleaners, look for these key characteristics.

Ease of Use

A quality leather cleaner needs to be easy to use. There’s no need to be fumbling with special applicators or measuring devices. With Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, all you need is our lint-free cleaning cloth, some water, and the leather cleaner itself. Dilute the cleaner with a one-to-eight ration of cleaner-to-water, then apply the diluted cleaner to the leather using the spray bottle, and wipe it off. That’s all it takes to clean your leather effectively. Once the leather is dry, you’ll have a beautiful, and clean, piece to enjoy again.

Gentle Ingredients

Leather is loved because of its durability. Yet, when not cared for properly, it’s prone to dry out and become brittle. That’s why you want a leather cleaner that is free from harsh chemicals. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is made from the same leather experts that brought you Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. We understand leather, and we’ve only included gentle, non-toxic ingredients in this product that will not harm or damage leather surfaces.

A Product That Lasts

As you shop for leather cleaner, you want a product you can invest in that will last. We’ve created Leather Honey Leather Cleaner in a concentrated form. When diluted, the four-ounce bottle makes a full 32 ounces of cleaner — enough to clean multiple items, even large items like couches. Our motto is “A Little Goes a Long Way,” and you will find that this is true. This cleaner works well, and you won’t need to use much to effectively clean your items.

Effective Cleansing Properties

No matter how gentle or easy to use a cleaner is, if it doesn’t do its job, it’s not worth anything. At Leather Honey, we don’t sell hundreds of different products. We specialize in just two, our leather conditioner and our new leather cleaner. This means we have the ability to do the research and testing necessary to create a product that works. We know you will be impressed with the cleaning power of our Leather Honey Leather Cleaner.

As the creators of the best-selling leather conditioner on Amazon.com, we believe we can say with confidence that we know leather. Now, we’re proud to introduce you to Leather Honey Leather Cleaner. We know you will be pleased with its gentleness and effectiveness as you work to keep your leather clean and protected.




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