“We just LOVE this Leather Honey on our brand new, beautful dark brown 7-piece sectional sofa” -Jolanda

I absolutely love this product!  We purchased this to apply on a brand new, beautiful dark brown 7-piece sectional sofa.  In our home, we have two adults and 5 dogs, so we needed something that will definitely protect the leather.  After searching on Google for a couple of days (that’s how we found Leather Honey, and then I found y’all on eBay), we narrowed our choice for a leather protector to two different products, yours and another one.  Both are products totally new to us, but we went with yours because of your family history in making the leather conditioner and the prior customer reviews endorsing your product.  I did not find any complaints against this company or product either so I placed an order.  Upon receiving the Leather Honey, I did test it on a small part of the sectional to make sure it was okay as recommended and it far exceeded my expectations.  We are very pleased with Leather Honey! I did go on the website to find out how to apply it because I was putting in on as per the container directions using a soft cloth, but that took a long time and I made a mess (embarrassing, yes).  On the website it suggested using a sponge paint brush for applying the product which made the application process much easier for me, so that would be a suggestion, actually recommending using a sponge paint brush for larger areas on the container itself instead of a cloth.

As the results on the sectional were so successful, I am looking forward to applying to my handbags and shoes as the Leather Honey made our sectional actually softer.  I am especially happy that when the dogs jump on the couch there are no scratch marks on it as can easily be seen on dark leather if it is not properly treated.

We just LOVE this Leather Honey and will definitely be suggesting its use to others.

Thanks again!


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Leather Honey is the #1 BEST-SELLING Leather Care Product on Amazon