“This stuff is phenomenal” — Debbie

leather-handbag-conditionerI have to say way to go on this product. I have been looking for a good leather conditioner for years. Way back in my teens I rode horses and used saddle soap & Lexol on all my leather items. I wish I would have had this stuff back then. I had been using a cream conditioner for years but it left a film that I had to work to get off. This stuff is phenomenal. I was always taught to use the bare hand to apply to leather to get it to go into the leather. This is what I did with this but I realize that the way it does soak in I would not have had to do that. I bought a brand new leather Fossil Tote that was very stiff and wanted to treat it before using. So I patiently waited for my 8oz bottle to arrive from Amazon and went right to work applying it. I left it sit overnight and by the next morning my new bag looked newer than new :-). Sitting in stores and warehouses I know that leather dries out. I put another application on last night and it soaked in again making the leather seem even more supple. I applied to a pair of old shoes that now look new. I just want to thank you for a wonderful product. I have since ordered a gallon from Amazon that should arrive Friday and can’t wait to try it on all my leather.

— Debbie

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