The Many Faces of Leather

At Leather Honey we try our best to thoroughly describe all of the leather products to which our conditioner can be applied. However, there are so many different types of leather items on the market these days, we cannot possibly keep up with them all on our main page!

To make up for this, we have accumulated the following list of leather products that did not make it onto our main page but are perfectly capable of absorbing Leather Honey so that the leather’s appearance and quality can be restored to its original form.

Leather Bindings

Leather bindings are used for books, journals and Bibles. These bindings endure substantial wear and tear over decades of use. Leather Honey is the perfect solution for maintaining the value of such ancient collectibles. 

The purpose of Leather Honey is not solely to restore the appearance of leather but also to preserve it. Leather dries out over time and by adding an appropriate amount of moisture to the leather, it lasts longer. The conditioning process brings softness and flexibility back into the leather and it becomes more durable after each application. Adding Leather Honey to bindings will allow books to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Leather Key Chains

Leather key chains have been popular for years. Since leather can be designed in a variety of different shapes and is able to hold dye very well, designers have created many different styles of key chains. No matter what shape, style or color your key chain is – it is bound to suffer from its day-in-and-day-out usage. A touch of Leather Honey here and there can keep your key chain looking and feeling like new throughout the many different sets of keys you go through in your lifetime. 

Leather Mobile Technology Cases

Not long after the development of the iPhone came leather iPhone cases. Leather cases are perhaps the strongest case-material that consumers can choose from in order to protect their valuable mobile technology. Leather cases shield electronics from scrapes and scratches and as a result, the leather gets ripped and worn-out.

Leather Honey can prevent scratches from occurring by keeping the leather moistened and less prone to tear. Remember, Leather Honey is a formula initially created to restore and protect leather shoe soles. If it can defeat the wear-and-tear of a material you walk on, it can work wonders on mobile phone cases.

Additionally, Leather Honey is the perfect formula for conditioning leather laptop, Kindle and iPad cases.

Leather Frames

It seems that leather picture frames have become more and more common over the years. Leather photo albums are increasing in popularity as well. Pictures are meant to last a lifetime, and so should the frames. Leather Honey can ensure picture frames hold up over the years and maintain a shiny and wrinkle-free appearance to complement the display of timeless photographs.

While we are on the subject of photography, it should be noted that camera leather equipment, such as straps and bags, can also be rejuvenated with applications of Leather Honey.

All of the Above

leather-walletLeather flasks, passport cases, wallets, tooling sets, guitar straps, pet leashes — and essentially everything leather under the sun — can benefit from Leather Honey. There are endless leather items that exist and all of them need regular conditioning in order to keep them looking great and functioning well for a long period of time.

No matter what the product is – the process is always the same. A small application of Leather Honey is gently rubbed onto the leather and within minutes, the formula adds years to the life of the leather.


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