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Leather Cleaner for Leather Shoes and Boots

Leather Cleaner for Leather Shoes and Boots

Your leather boots or leather shoes are probably the dirtiest pieces of leather you have in your home. Because these items are in contact with the ground, where dirt lives, they need to be cleaned regularly. Leather Honey is pleased to announce the addition of a gentle, effective leather cleaner ...

How to Remove Scratches from Leather

How to Remove Scratches from Leather

Despite your best efforts to protect your leather, your valuable and heavily-used leather apparel and furniture can be damaged.  While the unsightly blemish of a scratch may seem permanent, many scratches in leather can be fixed or at the very least diminished. Leather is a very versatile and res...

How to Take Care of Nice Leather Shoes

More than almost any leather item you have, leather shoes experience the most wear and tear and need the most protection. Regular use and exposure to harsh weather has damaging effects on valuable leather apparel.  The following steps can help you clean and condition your leather shoes to improve their appearance, comfort, and durability.

leather shoe careAs part of routine cleaning, you should start by brushing off dirt and debris with a soft cloth or brush.  Before cleaning your shoes, remove laces to prevent getting water, cleaner, or conditioner on them. 

Use a lint-free cloth and Leather Honey Leather Cleaner to clean any remaining dirt and debris.  It is important to not get the leather too wet.  Do not place leather shoes in the sun or near a heater to dry as this can cause them to become brittle and discolored.

How to Deal with Rain Damaged Leather

rain damaged leather careIt is almost inevitable that your leather jacket or shoes will be exposed to rains, puddles, or spills.  Water strips leather of its natural oils, and when wet leather dries, you’ll often find that it has become dry and brittle.  While rain can ruin leather, the following steps can help you treat water-damaged leather and preserve your valuable apparel. 

  1. Dry leather piece completely at room temperature – do not use a blow dryer or other heat source.
  2. Gently wipe off any excess dirt with a soft, damp cloth, and clean with Leather Honey Leather Cleaner if necessary. Allow the leather to dry again – leather should be completely dry before applying Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.
  3. Rub in Leather Honey Leather Conditioner with your fingertips or a lint-free cloth, applying a thin, even coat to all areas – not just those that were wet.
  4. Lay or hang your leather piece out to allow the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to absorb for at least two hours and up to one full day.
  5. If necessary, repeat application of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.

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