Restore That Leather Couch or Chair with Leather Honey

restore-leather-couchLeather is a popular material for furniture. It’s fairly durable, looks classy and comes in neutral colors to match most homes and offices. Yet, over time, the leather can dry out and become brittle since it’s no longer receiving oil and moisture from the animal it once was part of. When that happens, your pricey piece of furniture is no longer an asset to your home. Before you toss it, make sure you understand what the problem is, and how you can fix it.

What Happens to Leather

Leather, because it is an organic material, needs moisture to stay soft and subtle. Unfortunately, because the leather has been processed before becoming your couch or office chair, it no longer gets that moisture. That leads to cracks and breakage as well as a dulling of the color that can make the leather look old and feel brittle.

How to Fix the Problem

Because your leather furniture is looking bad due to lack of moisture, it stands to reason that adding moisture into the leather will fix the problem. This is exactly what Leather Honey does. With the regular use of Leather Honey, you can restore that piece of leather furniture and maintain it, so you can get many more years of use out of it.

To begin, you need to clean the surface of the couch or chair. Make sure that you don’t use any harsh cleaners, as they can prevent the Leather Honey from working well. Use your vacuum for crumbs and dust and a damp rag for other dirt and debris.

Once the leather is clean and completely dry, place a generous amount of Leather Honey on a lint-free cloth and rub it into the leather. It’s fine for a bit to be on top of the leather as long as the entire surface is covered. For a piece of furniture, you will need to use a decent amount of Leather Honey.

After covering the leather, allow it to sit for a minimum of two hours, or overnight if at all possible. Then, wipe off any excess Leather Honey. The cracks and lines in the leather will be gone. You will likely notice that the couch darkened a bit. This is a normal part of the moisturizing process, and most of the time the leather will lighten again as it dries.

It really is that simple to restore leather furniture with the help of Leather Honey. So before you get rid of that old, worn out leather chair or couch, give Leather Honey a try. You just might find that you are able to save the piece and enjoy it again. 

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