Restore Leather Car Upholstery with Leather Honey

Because it sits out in the heat and sun, then is exposed to the cold temperatures of winter, not to mention the fact that people are scrambling in and out of it every single day, your car’s upholstery takes a beating. If your car has leather upholstery, you’ll start to notice the effects of these facts after a few years of use. If your leather is starting to look worn and old, you can rejuvenate it with the help of Leather Honey.

What Leather Honey Does

Leather Honey gives your leather upholstery the one thing it desperately needs – moisture. When the leather was skin on an animal, it received moisture from the animal. Now that it’s been cured, it doesn’t get that moisture. Over time and with constant exposure to the elements, it begins to dry. This leads to cracks and a dull appearance, which you don’t want. Adding that moisture back in with Leather Honey will restore the appearance of the leather and give you many more years of attractive leather.

How to Apply Leather Honey

If you feel like your leather car upholstery could use a boost, Leather Honey is easy to use. To begin, clean off the leather well. Start with the vacuum to get the grime out of the corners and crevices, then wipe everything down with a damp cloth, if needed. You want to use Leather Honey on a clean surface.

Once the leather is prepped, grab a clean, lint-free cloth and apply a layer of Leather Honey to the surface of the leather. A little goes a long way with this product, but don’t be afraid to over the leather well.

The next part is, perhaps, the hardest. You will need to leave the Leather Honey on the upholstery for several hours. If you use your car regularly, consider doing this overnight. This will allow the Leather Honey to soak in while you aren’t using the vehicle.

Next, wipe off the Leather Honey and give the leather a bit of a buffing using your lint-free cloth. You may notice that the Leather is a bit darker after this application. This is normal, and as the product soaks in and dries, it should go away. You will also notice that the cracks, fading and other problems you noticed have faded.

Yes, you can restore old, worn leather car seats. All you need is Leather Honey,’s number one leather conditioner. Pick up your bottle today.

#1 Best-Selling Leather Care Product on Amazon

Leather Honey is the #1 BEST-SELLING Leather Care Product on Amazon