Q&A: Will Leather Honey Yellow White Leather?

My car has white leather interior. Will your product yellow the white leather?

Absolutely not! First of all, Leather Honey itself is completely clear, so it won’t leave any staining or discoloration due to dyes in the product. The formula also doesn’t interfere with dyes that may already be present in the leather, as some leather conditioners and cleaning agents might.

However, you should know that any good leather conditioner – and Leather Honey is the BEST leather conditioner – may darken some leather a bit. This is due to the fact that the conditioner is hydrating the leather, thus boosting and deepening the color. Leather that is dry is often faded, and Leather Honey can bring back that lost color. Naturally tanned leathers will typically darken slightly, though the original color often comes back with time and many customers like the deeper color better.

None of that applies to white leather, however – the color of white or cream leather shouldn’t be impacted by the product at all. We say this with the caveat that you should always test any product you apply to your leather in a discreet area first to ensure you like the result.

Thanks for asking!

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