Q&A: Which Side Should Be Treated with Leather Honey?

I recently bought a used saddle that is beautiful but was not well taken care of and was stiff as a board. I scanned the web looking for the best thing to soften the stiff leather. Everything I read brought me to your product. I bought a bottle of Leather Honey today at my local feed store. My question is, do I apply the Leather Honey to the under side of the leather on the rough side as well, or just the top smooth side?

You want to apply Leather Honey to the smooth, finished side of your leather item. The beauty of our product is that it penetrates so deeply, you don’t need to apply to both sides – which saves you money and time. We could all use more of both.

If your leather item is dirty, and you have the ability to access both sides (in many cases, such as with leather furniture, you won’t) you can and should clean the item and treat for mildew on all surfaces. The underside of your saddle may be dirty – it is, after all, the part that touches the horse and can get pretty grimy and sweaty – so we’d recommend cleaning it and allowing it to fully dry before treating with Leather Honey.

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