Q&A: Stained Chair

We have a light tan untreated leather chair. After 15 years it looks stained and brown on the arm rests due to hand oils. Will your product work? And how do we apply it?
— Rich

Hi Rich!  Thanks for your question.  Leather Honey will definitely work on your leather chair, although we always recommend trying the product in a small, discrete area to start, because it may slightly darken some leathers.

To apply, we suggest starting by cleaning the leather with a leather cleaner and letting it dry.  Then use a lint-free cloth (or a paint brush, which tends to work really well on large items like chairs and sofas) to apply the Leather Honey in a thin coat to the entire surface area of your chair.  Note that for ease of application, we recommend using the product at room temperature – in fact, you can even put it in the microwave quickly or next to a heat source to warm it up a bit.

Give the Leather Honey ample time to absorb (at least two hours; overnight if you have the patience) and then wipe off any excess with a cloth.  Once it’s good and dry, you’ll be all set, and if your chair starts looking dry again – chalkiness or cracks are dead giveaways – go ahead and reapply.  But Leather Honey lasts a long time, so another application likely won’t be necessary anytime soon!

If you have additional questions, let us know or check out the FAQs – much of the information you need is right there.

Have a question about Leather Honey?  Submit it in the comments of this post, or on our FAQs page.  We’ll answer right away!

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