Q&A: Removing Odors from Leather Furniture

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I want use Leather Honey, but the used leather sofa I purchased smells strongly of cigarette smoke. How do I get rid of that smell?

You’re smart to tackle this first, because you always want to clean dirty leather – and treat issues like mildew and odors – before applying Leather Honey. Let’s get a quick disclaimer out of the way: Leather is a naturally sensitive material, and its properties can vary widely from item to item. So you want to always test any treatment, including Leather Honey and the methods discussed below, in a discreet area first.

There are two methods that may work here. First, start the way we always advise cleaning leather, with a good leather cleaner. Work it into the leather, working in one small area at a time, and then allow it to dry fully. If the odor remains, repeat the process using equal parts white vinegar and water.  White vinegar is a natural deodorizer and should help remove the remaining odor. 

Once the odor is gone and the leather is completely dry, apply Leather Honey in thin, even coats.

Note: Keep in mind that the cushioning material inside the leather casing may be holding on to this odor as well and will need to be treated and cleaned separately.

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