Q&A: Mildew

My leather item has been improperly stored and and has mildew on it. How do I clean that?

Good question! Leather is prone to mildew, and you want to carefully remove it before you apply Leather Honey. We like to use a solution of one part apple cider vinegar to three parts water to kill the mildew – just carefully wipe it on and allow it to dry. If you have a light colored or white leather, you might want to substitute white vinegar, which is clear, for the apple cider vinegar, just to be on the safe side.

Allowing the leather to dry completely before applying Leather Honey is paramount. Leather Honey locks in moisture – which keeps your leather hydrated and makes it last longer – but locking in water will lead to you – you guessed it – more mildew! So err on the safe side with dry time, and allow the item to rest at least overnight – longer if you are in a humid climate.

Finally, we sound like a broken record but it bears repeating: Test anything you apply to your leather in a discreet area first. It’s always best to be cautious!

Do you have a question about leather care? Ask us in the comments or via email, here. You might also be interested in our FAQs, found here.

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