Q&A: How Much Leather Honey do I need?

I want to condition a couch. What size bottle should I purchase?

We get this question often, and it’s difficult to pin down an exact answer without knowing the condition and exact size of your leather item. Condition is key: It will dictate whether you need one or two coats, and how much the leather will absorb (leather that is truly dehydrated will need to absorb a great deal of conditioner to make up for that lost moisture; if your leather is consistently maintained and treated with Leather Honey, you’ll likely only need one thin coat). We’ll never recommend that you get more Leather Honey than necessary for your project; however, we often get emails from people who buy the product to treat one thing and are so satisfied with the results that they dig through their homes for additional items to treat. Leather Honey does not evaporate and has an indefinite shelf life, so if you end up with a little extra you can always use it later.

Here are our general recommendations for common items:

    • Pair of shoes or boots = two ounces
    • Jacket = four ounces
    • Full-sized couch = 16-32 ounces
    • Saddle = a pint

Do you have a question about leather care? Ask us in the comments or via email, here. You might also be interested in our FAQs, found here.

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