Q&A: Color deterioration

I have a leather sofa that started losing its color in several places. I had it redyed and the professional put a “clear coat” over the new color. I was told the clear coat may wear off over time. Will Leather Honey act as a clear coat and keep the color from deteriorating?

This is a great question. Leather Honey will NOT act as a clear coat, and in fact, that clear coat may prevent Leather Honey – and other leather conditioners – from penetrating, at least until it starts to wear off. So we wouldn’t advise using Leather Honey on top of a clear coat, at least without testing the product in a discreet area first. If it sits on the surface and doesn’t absorb, you’ll want to wipe it away.

A better question is how to prevent that color from fading in the first place. And by using Leather Honey, you shouldn’t need a clear coat. Leather’s color fades when it dries out, so you need to keep the leather hydrated in order for the color to stay vibrant – whether it is dyed leather or naturally tanned. Proper conditioning with Leather Honey will keep the leather tone in tact. But it can also help bring back lost color by hydrating the leather and, as a result, deepening the tone. So before you take steps to redye leather, we would always suggest trying Leather Honey. Many customers have found it to be an easy and inexpensive solution!

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