Q&A: Cat Scratches – and Application Tips!

We received the following email last week, from a buyer named Jonah:

“Outstanding product, bought a used all-leather sofa set, it had small cat scratches and scrapes. Leather Honey made it look and feel awesome. It makes the scratches less noticeable.”

As always, we’re really happy that Leather Honey worked for him – and we’re hearing more and more how well it hides scratches from cats and dogs.  Jonah did mention, however, that he had some minor issues applying, so we wanted to pass along these tips:

  • We recommend using a lint-free cloth, a foam sponge, or a paint brush to apply Leather Honey.  A paint brush is particularly effective on large items, like couches and chairs, because it will allow you to easily coat the entire surface with minimal elbow grease on your part.
  • If you can’t find a lint-free cloth, use an old t-shirt – that material works great.
  • For ease of use, we always advise keeping the product at room temperature.  And here’s a trick: If you heat it a bit in the microwave, it will loosen up and spread more freely.  That said, the thicker consistency is one of the reasons why our product is so effective – and why a little goes a long way!  A thin, even coat is best.

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