Q&A: Bonded Leather

Can your product be used on Bonded leather? We just bought two recliners that are bonded leather and I’m not sure how to take care of them.

Furniture manufacturers often use bonded leather, which involves combining smaller pieces of genuine leather with vinyl or polyurethane. It’s a way to achieve that great leather look at a lower price. The process could leave you with a leather item that is nearly 100% genuine leather, or one that actually consists of less leather and more of the faux materials. In most cases, leather conditioner, and Leather Honey in particular, is fine to use on bonded leather. We’ve had many customers use it to much success – it’s a good bet that many of our furniture testimonials come from folks who have bonded leather. However, as always we recommend testing the product in a discreet area first. If your leather item is less leather, more vinyl, or if it has a protective sealant applied to protect the item, the Leather Honey will have trouble absorbing and you’ll simply need to remove the excess with warm soap and water.  But generally you’ll find that bonded leather will drink Leather Honey up!

One final note: The manufacturer will know of the exact leather content and best way to care for the piece. If you’re unsure, always consult their directions first.

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