Leather Honey on The Chronicle of the Horse

The Chronicle of the Horse is a great weekly magazine about sport horse competitions, and readers are chatting about Leather Honey on their website’s forums.  Here’s a bit of what one poster had to say:

“I haven’t used oil as conditioner for years. Previously I used Lexol conditioner, but now use Harness Honey. I am really happy with the Harness Honey, which does a great job in conditioning leather, old and new. My newest reins are soft and feel great, after conditioning with the Honey. I just wipe off any excess after leather has sat for a bit. Using the Harness Honey on all my leather goods now, and they FEEL good, soft to handle, flexible, don’t see any sticky residue or anything coming off on my clothes.

Harness Honey feels nice on MY hands during application, but doesn’t remove callous’ like the Lexol will. My husband refused to help condition with Lexol, NEEDS his callous’ for hand protection. I do need to use dishsoap to wash it off my hands, kind of sticky.

www.carouselfarm.com – this is the only place I have found it besides harness shops. Don’t confuse it with other products using honey in the name. NOT the same.

Harness Honey has brought a couple saddles back to life that were severely dried out, not even very old saddles! I sold them after deeply conditioning with the Harness Honey and made a nice profit. Both buyers LOVED how soft and flexible the leather felt on the saddles, and not GREASY AT ALL!”

As you know from our product’s history, Leather Honey was originally marketed as Harness Honey.  But because it is enormously effective on a variety of leather goods, we decided to rename it Leather Honey a couple years ago.

Also, just a note here that Leather Honey is now available in many retail stores across the country – use our store locator to find one near you – as well as through our website and Amazon, both with free shipping.

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