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A poster on The Purse Blog‘s Purse Forum has been touting the benefits of Leather Honey.  She originally posted about it in March, after applying the product to her leather Balenciaga handbag.  Here are a few comments from her first post:

“Anyone try a product called Leather Honey? It’s from a company that has been around for 40 years. I found it recently and tried it on my Chataigne City. Love the results!”

“The leather feels way thicker. The color deepened to the original dark rich brown! Edges look amazing. There is still a sheen to the leather.”

“Easy application. No lingering smell, so my bag still smells of the amazing leather.”

She came back to the forum a week later with an update:

“It’s been about a week since my test run with LH. I’m happy to report that my bag is still super moist, smooshy soft, and rich in color.

The color on the edges/corners still look as deep and rich as they did a week ago. The edges are super moist. Absolutely no dry crackly look to them.

My bag is lightly distressed so it didn’t have major veiny-ness, however the edges of the cracks looked drier than I wanted. The LH moistened the edges of the distress cracking so it reduced what little veiny-ness I could see. It has a more solid color appearance. The distressing looks less like cracks and more like wrinkles (if that makes sense). So far, it is still that way. I really like it better this way.

The darker panels on the side haven’t changed but I didn’t expect them to. This is some rich stuff and I wanted something that wasn’t going to just evaporate in a month. I would be surprised if I ever have to moisturize this bag again.

I’m suspecting most Bals have a smooth dry feel when you run your hands over the leather surface…at least all of mine feel that way. When I run my hands over Miss Chataigne, I feel a little more resistence b/c she is so much more moist now. However, it feels good…nothing I don’t like about the feel.

The biggest change that I notice with the LH application and really like is that the bag went from that drier, lighter feel of Bal leather to a moist, thick, hearty leather that I just want to scrunch in my hands all the time. I feel like I have the vintage nicely aged Bal that I have wanted.”

And then after a month:

“The edges and corners still look great…smooth and moist…no cracking kind of look to them.”

We love when you spread the word about Leather Honey, and we received a few orders based on this poster’s recommendation.  Another forum poster wrote to us:

“I read about the product from a poster on the “Purse Forum.”  If you aren’t aware of the website, it is a site for handbag lovers, as well as shoes and a lot of other things.  I bought it to use on some of my high end designer bags, mainly Balenciaga.  I have a couple that were quite dry and I used it to bring them back to life.  It did a great job!  I would recommend this product to others.”

Thanks, The Purse Blog!

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